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Pictures Revealing The Unconventional Side Of Dubai


Ambulances…With Swag

The ambulances in Dubai are the fastest ambulances in the world. They can go 185 mph and doesn’t it make sense to get sick or injured people to the hospital the fastest way possible? The people of Dubai certainly seem to agree with that reasoning!


New Type Of Ride

The man in this photo is making a statement with his pet lion! The locals in Dubai must be very jealous of this man as he cuts traffic with his pet lion on his way to work. The question is, where does he park his beautiful pet?

Wake Up In The Sky


These penthouses are all throughout the city and Dubai has the biggest concentration of skyscrapers in the   world! Dubai is also home to the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, which stands at 2,722 ft tall.

Tennis Heaven

Evidently, Dubai is all about testing humanity’s capabilities when it comes to architecture. This tennis court is over 1,000 feet from the ground and it is located at the top of the ultra posh Burj al Arab hotel. Roger Federer and Andre Agassi were invited to play a friendly match atop this heavenly court, but we wonder how someone can actually play up there without feeling uneasy! Also if a ball were to go flying off the court and hit someone on the ground, they would die upon impact.


The Less Fortunate

Wherever there are super rich people, there are also poor people. Dubai is aware of this inequality and actively tries to help and uplift the less fortunate. If you look closely inside the fridge, the dispensary is not skimping out by giving out cheap cans of tuna. Instead fridges like this are often packed with expensive yogurts and cappuccino mixes. Dubai’s devotion to helping the needy shows that not only the rich deserve to treat themselves.


A Cheetah Calls Shotgun

This resident of Dubai decided to take things to the extreme by allowing his pet cheetah to ride shotgun. Although the cheetah is not roaming the plains of Africa, he seems to be perfectly content in the passenger seat.


The Limo’s Here

One of the biggest issues with ambulances in the US is that they usually limit you to bringing only one additional person. While we hope you never find yourself in such a circumstance, it’s definitely comforting to have as many of your loved ones as possible around you during such a stressful time. The people of Dubai deeply empathize with that belief and that’s why many of the non-supercar ambulances are actually stretch limousines.



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