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People Living With HIV Can Still Have Sex: Mai Titi




By Ruvarashe Dhliwayo



Socialite Felistars Murata popularly known as Mai Titi has called on people not to discriminate against people living with HIV.



Posting on her Facebook page, Mai Titi said people lacked adequate information on HIV and AIDS hence they shunned those who have tested positive of the virus.



“Just some education to some uneducated people who always think being HIV positive you not meant to be sexually active because they always think you will spread it to others,” she said.



“There are so many ways of having a family or partner without passing it on to any of them.


” Learn more before you think HIV positive people are outcasts.”



Mai Titi’s post was well received by her fans who also noted that people lacked adequate information on HIV related issues.



Tanya Philomina wrote, “I just think people need more education about HIV for real it’s sad.”



Presley Tapomwa wrote, “#stop stigma and know your status to save others.”



Melgin commented, “We need this information to the general populace it is vital.”



Chaputika Levy wrote, “Do not be negative about being positive.”

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