Passport Collection Message Fake: Govt

Zimbabwean Passport

By Zandile Tandi

Home Affairs Ministry said the public should ignore a message circulating on social media, purporting to have emanated from Civil Registry Department calling upon citizens who applied for passports two years ago to go collect their travelling documents at Makombe Passport Office with effect from Monday 15 March.

The message originated from a fake Facebook page under the name Makombe Passport Office Official and was signed off by a Joshua Taderera purporting to be a “Passport Official”

“We dissociate ourselves from the rake Facebook page, its communication about passports collection and any of its individuals claiming to be acting on behalf of the Civil Registry Department,” Home Affairs Ministry said in a statement Saturday.

“The Civil Registry Department is working round the clock to clear the passport backlog and any communication regarding the collection of passports by applicants will be communicated via official communication channels and through the Short Message Service (SMS) platform.”

“All collections will however be done in compliance with the relevant Covid-19 regulations.”

“We also take this opportunity to advise the nation that the Civil Registry Department does not charge any extra amount or solicit for any favours outside the stipulated statutory fees.”

“Any persons or agents canvassing for any “processing fees” via online platforms are doing so for their own criminal and corrupt gains.

“We urge our citizens to rely on official sources of credible information and exercise caution before sharing unverified communication on social media platforms, which not only mislead but potentially prejudice citizens of their hard-earned cash.”

Recently Home Affairs Minister Kazembe Kazembe told Parliamentarians that they were going to clear the backlog as the Department is working on how best to acquire passport consumables.


Robert Tapfumaneyi


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