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Panic Paralyses Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education


By Obert Masaraure ARTUZ President


1. The Union notes with disgust uncoordinated letters and circulars being issued from both the Public Service Commission and the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education.


2. The Minister of Primary and Secondary Education was the first to issue threats of a blanket suspension of all teachers who didn’t report for duty on 7 February 2022, the threats were swiftly quashed by the High court on 16 February 2022.



3. Public Service Commission issued another threat of voluntary resignation on 16 February 2022 which expired on 22 February 2022. The threat was challenged in the courts and our application is on the ordinary roll of the High Court, we patiently wait for the hearing, automatically the threat is suspended until the matter is finalized in Court.



4. On the 1st of March School Heads received some vague instructions on dealing with teachers who were and are still absent from duty. Instructions are flying from different directions and our School leaders are now confused on what is really expected from them.



5. ARTUZ resolved that members will now work 2 days per week, a labour input commensurate with the improved salary to be earned beginning 1 March 2022. We are angered to see teachers being disturbed by a seemingly confused system. Our learners should be allowed to learn during those 2 days when teachers are available, harassing teachers is worsening the education crisis.



6. Teachers are urged to remain calm and refuse to sign any document. If anyone wants to charge teachers they should serve each individual teacher with their own charge sheet capturing the particular act/s of misconduct. The Union will respond to each and every charge within 14 days.



7. The Union is well informed that there is panic among the senior members of the Ministry. They are still to recover from the shock of 7 February 2022. We urge them to calm down and put on their thinking caps, these rushed decisions further exposes leadership failure among the top hierarchy of the Ministry.



8. It is a fact that teachers remain Incapacitated and the purpoted Collective Bargaining Agreement of 28 February 2022 is a joke. We reject both the process and the outcome, the process was led by an illegitimate grouping and produced an undesirable outcome.



9.The #SaveOurEducationZw campaign has gained momentum and we will soon be launching a wave of peaceful protests demanding the restoration of pre October 2018 salaries.



10. The use of threats of violence and suspensions is further crippling our struggling education system. Government is urged to engage in genuine dialogue. Meanwhile we remain Incapacitated and we are not moved.

Obert Masaraure
ARTUZ President
On behalf of the NEC


Robert Tapfumaneyi