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Open Letter By Former MDC National Deputy Treasurer to MDC-A Leader Chamisa


By Lilian Timveos

By way of this note, I would like to inform the MDC-A Party President, Nelson Chamisa and the entire MDC-A family that I am not backtracking on my decision to quit the MDC-A, instead, I have decided to join the ruling Zanu PF Party.

I would like to thank my sisters and brothers in the MDC family for the political journey traversed since the party’s formation in 1999.

However, after careful consideration and retrospection, particularly on how the MDC party has been conducting its business, I have sadly come to the conclusion that nothing constructive with regards to Democracy, Good Governance and the well-being of Zimbabweans in general would ever come out of the MDC- A.

Over the years, I have observed the following among other issues that;

The party has been at the forefront of criticizing ZANU (PF) and ZEC for allegedly failing to conduct credible elections, yet MDC internal elections have always been marred with a lot of irregularities.

Vote Rigging and buying as well as the imposition of candidates have become synonymous with MDC internal elections.

The chaotic MDC-A and MDC-T elective Congresses quickly comes to mind.

The MDC Senior leadership’s intolerance to divergent views and power-hungry tendencies have caused serious divisions and disintegration of the party.

Similarly, the party’s retrogressive confrontational approach and violent tendencies have led to the unnecessary destruction of property, injury to innocent civilians and destabilization of the economy.

The party is good at criticising the ZANU (PF) Government, particularly on social media without coming up with tangible or practical solutions to the country’s challenges.

President E.D MNANGAGWA soon after the 2018 Harmonised elections created a platform where all the country’s political players converge and contribute towards bringing the people of Zimbabwe together and share ideas on how to rebuild the country, yet the MDC-A keeps on excluding itself from this noble platform.

Self-exclusion from Polad vindicates the party’s self centered approach.

The MDC-A party has always held Western Governments in high esteem, welcoming advice from them with open arms irrespective of same’s hypocrisy, double standards and questionable track records with regards to Human Rights and the implementation of Democratic principles.
The party shuns engaging local stakeholders and fellow Zimbabweans in general, yet these have the interests of the country at heart.

It is sad to note that the MDC-A has not observed that political players in the Western countries to whom they very much like to draw lessons from find one another and engage whenever national interests are at stake.

I have decided to join the ruling Zanu PF Party because of the party’s impeccable track record.

The party has the interests of the people at heart as evidenced by community driven projects it has been implementing over the years.

Furthermore, the party has over the years been successfully holding its internal elections and the party has always been open to dialogue whenever the country’s peace and stability is threatened.

I am also happy to announce that the Zanu PF President and First Secretary Cde ED MNANGAGWA has welcomed me into the Zanu PF family without any conditions to which I am very grateful.

In conclusion, the MDC-A need self-introspection and a paradigm shift in ways it conducts business if it is to remain relevant in the Zimbabwean political arena.



Robert Tapfumaneyi