Norton Town Council Useless: Mliswa

Temba Mliswa
By Staff Reporter 
Norton legislator Themba Mliswa has attacked the Norton Town Council for its incompetence and failure to provide water to residents. 
This follows continued disrupted water supplies experienced in the town which the council blames Harare City Council for.
The Norton Town Council said it had in arrears at the Harare City Council.
Posting on social media, Mliswa blamed the Norton Town Council for neglecting the needs of the voters.
“That’s how useless Norton Town Council is,” he said.
“Then you still want to have the same councillors and blame management when it’s the councillors who pass and allocates budgets.”
Mliswa blamed the people who continuously voted for the people who did not take care of their (voters) needs.
“Come election time, the electorate continue to vote for such people into office,” he said.
“So whose fault is this?
“There is nothing political about this, it’s simply a case of electing officials with capacity.”
Mliswa promised to intervene and engage  City of Harare over the water issue.
“I will try to intervene and talk to the city of Harare myself to see how this may best be resolved,” he said.
“Water is life how can council not prioritize water?
Why is the plant taking so long?”
Robert Tapfumaneyi


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