‘No To Madam Boss Appointment As Ingwebu Ambassador’

Madam Boss
Madam Boss

By Staff Reporter

Mthwakazi People have rejected the appointment of comedian and actor Madam Boss (real name Tyra Chikocho) as Ingwebu Breweries Brand Ambassador.

The company on the other hand is saying they want to penetrate other markets, through her.

Mthwakazi is arguing that the region has able people who can push the Ingwebu brand.

“You mean to say Bulawayo City have failed to identify one of own who can be the Brand Ambassador for this company? We have the likes of Sandra Ndebele,” Maxwell Mandlenkosi Mdlawuzo Moyo said on what he calls aggrieved Citizens of Mthwakazi.

“Is lngwebu Breweries or Bulawayo City Council now being run or remote controlled by Harare??”

“We demand that you remove the current brand ambassador and replace her with our son or daughter with immediate effect or else the lngwebu board should step down.

“We as Mthwakazi people, we still committed in saying nothing that ‘Nothing for us without us’.

Whatever is for Mthwakazi, put Mthwakazi people first before you consider any other options.”

“This have happened with our Mthwakazi job opportunities, economy at large where we are put as second choice on the own resources and opportunities.”

“This should cease forthwith and preserve our own Mthwakazi culture and Heritage. Bulawayo is now called Bhuruwayo and lngwebu brands will soon be called iGwebi.”

“If aren’t rectified, don’t be surprised where a ‘March will soon turn a movement’ we try to protect our own Mthwakazi and its resources.

Aggrieved Mthwakazi citizens

Robert Tapfumaneyi


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