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New Bride ‘Makhoti’ Pictures Goes Viral Consuming Alcohol


By Staff Reporter

Most African men are made to believe that a good wife material does not smoke, consume alcohol or rather see the doors of clubs or bars.

However, South Africans were left with jaws down after a lady’s pictures went viral on twitter, posing with a bottle of savanna while dressed in her traditional wedding gear.

Nevertheless, the lady is seen enjoying a bottle of alcohol.

Elders are still against this but the young generation has accepted it.

Many people were surprised but some embraced it and praised her for being open and honest.

Someone said she is a true Xhosa woman and has remained true to herself without putting herself in a compromising position.

Some people laughed as they thought that after 2 bottles, she will start acting wild in front of her in-laws.

Robert Tapfumaneyi


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