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Natasha Hails the National Aids Council For Providing Platforms To Sex Workers




Growing Up Without Parents Pushes Epworth Woman Into Sex Work At A Tender Age


By Elizabeth Nyaguyo




Growing up without parents can make a child vulnerable and destroy his or her life.





This is story of a sex worker Natasha (not real name) who become an orphan when she was still in a toddler.





Natasha started indulging in sexual relations in order to put food on her table at a tender age because she had no one to look after her beside her grandmother who also passed on.




The 22-year old sex worker from Epworth said that being a sex worker was not her wish but poverty pushed into the oldest profession.





In an interview with Sly Media, Natasha said that after the death of her parents she faced sexual abuses from people in the area.






“I lost my parents at a tender age; I don’t even know them and I started living in a bad environment where anyone who wished to sleep with me would do so because I had no one to stand up for me.






“I experienced sexual relations at an early age so I grew up with that in me,” she said.



She added that she tried working as a house girl but failed because she was used to being a sex worker.




“I got a job as a house girl but I did not take much time there because It is not easy to live under someone’s roof.




“I decided to leave the job and continue with sex work because I was used to it since childhood,” she added.





Natasha said that there are some problems she is facing as a sex worker.




“As a young sex worker, I am facing several problems like from the senior sex workers they harass us especially at touch line.






“They don’t want to see us there with clients because we are a threat to them in terms of rich clients.




“The other thing is that the police and the soldiers are after us at touch line they want free s** always and it is difficult for us to refuse,” she said.




Natasha hailed the National Aids Council (NAC) for providing platforms that gave them education on various issues like mental health and effects of drugs and how to equip them financially.



“Organisations such as NAC and Springs of life are helpful to us because they are giving us platforms to get knowledge for me to know that I have my rights as a sex worker.




“If these Organisations continue teaching us, I think we will stop this work and change our lives for the better,” she said.




She said that she had a child but she was not sure about the father of the child since she got pregnant in the course of her job.




“I had a child but I can’t remember who the father is because I got this baby after sleeping with different men.




“What makes me to just keep the baby alone without looking for the father was because when I got this pregnant, I had slept with married men,” she added.


Robert Tapfumaneyi