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Love & Scandals

My Wife Is A Thief, I Want Her Out, Please Advise Me: Jonathan

Am a married man with 2 children. In 2018, my wife and i were so broke.
Despite our financial troubles, she was from a financially stable family. She is the last born and only dota in the family of 10.
I have always wanted to make money in a legit way but i lacked enough capital to start.
One evening in my wife came home with with K55,000 and gave it to me so that i could start the business i had always wanted.
I asked where she got the money and she told me her Auntie in German had sent it to her after she told her what we were going through.
Few months later i found out from her friend that she had actually stolen the money from her biological mother’; a sucessful businesswoman.
Her mother had given it to her to take it to the bank but she lied to her that she had bumped into thugs who snached the money on her way to the bank. Her mother understood her and thanked God the thugs didn’t kill her only dota.
That hit me so hard because i didn’t want to start my business with stolen money. It was however too late because i had already invested the money and the business was booming. In just 8 months i had fully paid back K55,000 to my wife who went and gave it back to her mother.
But i didn’t ever mention to her that i knew how exactly she got the money.
It’s been over 10 months now but i totally lost trust and love for this woman because if she managed to steal money from her own mother, then what about me.
Am soon starting to build my first house but i can’t even trust her with my property because she is a thief.
Yes, the money she stole from her mother helped me to start a business that became successful but i didn’t know that it was stolen otherwise i would not accept it.
I now have K200,000 in my bank account because of the stolen capital she gave me. Honestly, i want her out of my life before she will steal my money too.
How do i end this relationship without hurting her. I want this to end in a good way. Kindly help.
Robert Tapfumaneyi