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Mwonzora’s 66 % Votes Win Is Pipe Dream Said Close Ally


By Elizabeth Nyaguyo

The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) Secretary for special projects and party business Norest Marara said that this 2023 election 66 % votes margin that his pary is said will win is a weird dream





Party president Senator Douglas Mwonzora said that his party is going to win these 2023 harmonized elections with 66%.




In an interview with Sly Media during a weekly programme, The Candidate,Marara said that the 66.69% votes that the MDC party want will not be possible for them to get due to many problems within the party.





“Firstly, the 66. whatever percent is so unscientific what measures did he put in we were still in a talking term we were trying to find out on how did he come to a conclusion of that percentage he couldn’t give me a straight answer.





“So there is no scientific measurement to say 66 point something percent is basing on this, what is on the public domain is that there is no support.




“Mwonzora is just trying to hide behind a finger because there is no support. There is no readiness to participate in the elections they are no proper structures,” he said.





He went on to say that it is clear that the MDC-T is going to lose the 2023 harmonised elections as evidenced by the number of people who were present at the Epworth rally last Saturday.




“I have seen them talking about primary elections it’s not necessary they just need to open up because they are going to struggle to get candidates since they is no one who is willing to be an MDC candidate under Mwonzora as it stands, and that’s the truth.





“It was a disaster on Saturday in Epworth. The event was full of kids who were jousting for Pepsi.




“We have seen posters I think they were trying to prepare and they have invited people from all provinces and it was supposed to a national event a mega rally but it turned to be a disaster, I did not see Mr Mwonzora himself I am sure his team told him not to come because it was a huge embarrassment,” he added.





Marara said that it is not good for Senator Mwonzora to attack Advocate Nelson Chamisa, but rather, he must salute him.





“It is shameful for a so-called opposition political party to be on the forefront of decampaigning another opposition party it was pasi naChamisa, Chamisa mudenga its just shameful.




“Advocate Nelson Chamisa is not our enemy let’s allow him to do his business in the opposition




“I think its individuals who have beef with Advocate Chamisa and as for myself I don’t have a beef with him I don’t have any differences that will make me fight him publicly,” he said.


Robert Tapfumaneyi