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Mwonzora Calls for GNU With Zanu PF

MDCT Leader Mwonzora

By Lloyd Damba

Chamisa is not my enemy, Mnangangwa is not my enemy, Tendai Biti is not my Enemy, Welshman Ncube is not my enemy.

I call upon these gentleman that we need to build Zimbabwe together because the people are suffering.

If I am elected President of the MDC I will pursue dialogue and I am prepared to forsake some of the things as long as we extricate the people of zimbabwe out of poverty”.

‘The politics of hate and acrimony has no room if you elect me President”.

‘We now need to end this international isolation and bring the much needed investment to create employement for the Zimbabwean people”.

These are the words of Sen Douglas Mwonzora on the 1st of December 2020 as he was launching his bid for the MDC Presidency inside Morgan Richard Tsvangirai House.

Now one would ask is the newly elected MDC President correct to appoint a six member committee to pursue dialogue.

I would say ,yes ,because he is operating within the Idiological and philosophical confirns of MDC ethos enshrined in the MDC Constitution it self.

Article 3 of the MDC Constitution dictates that;
The MDC believes in the principle of active participation in public affairs and shall, in pursuit of this principle , work with trade unions, business and employers and other groups in the formulation of National Policies.

Sen Douglas Mwonzora’s is simply delivering a promise to the MDC and the Zimbabwean people who have for many years pinned their hopes on a negotiated settlement to the political and leadership crissis that has chased away investors destroyed industry and rendered the educated population of Zimbabwe jobless and millions scattered across the globe as economic refugees.

My Brother Alex Magaisa thinks that Sen Douglas Mwonzora has committed treason in simply implimenting a promise and fulfilling a constitutional mandate which Nelson Chamisa had since abandoned and strayed very far away from by his Jecha(Sand) ideology and student immature politics.

The speech by Sen Mwonzora is rich in Domestic Policy in the sense that it seeks to do away with politics of Acrimony hate speeches violence but it seeks a peaceful and negotiated settlement to the crissis facing the nation,

It is also touching on foreign policy simply by saying we will negotiate and dialogue with anyone peacefully as long as it brings stability wealth and friendship to our country. We will dialogue for prosperity.

The speech defines the Social Democratic ideology that could and can not be defined by immature student politicians.

The MDC president’s call has been viciously attacked by Alex Magaisa who of late has declared himself the political commissar of Chamisa’s party.

In his attack he did not spare the Daily News either. Its crime is that it is executing its mandate as a fourth pillar of the state” to inform the Zimbabwean people what is happening in the corridors of power.

I do not know the Daily News to be easily intimated because the Rhodesians Tried but it rose like a Pheonix and gave Mugabe sleepless nights to the extent that it offices in Samora Machel were bombed and finally its Printing press.

It had to take Jonathan Moyo and Tafataona Mahoso to deregister the paper. Only the paper to resurrect and be in its current state.

The verbal attack by Alex Magaisa on the publication shows that freedom of expression under a Nelson Chamisa’s Government with Magaisa as Attorney General or Prosecutor General will not be tolerated. Askig the fundamental question; is Chamisa suitable to lead with people like Alex Magaisa around him.

The Daily News is not under any legal or political obligation to be Nelson Chamisa’s mouth piece and here i am nit saying its Mwonzora’s either but it has a right to associte with news its wants to print because it us wat its trending currrently.

How then is Alex Magaisa different from Zanu PF and ED his nemesis ,who have monopoly over the Herald, Manica Post the Chronicle , ZTV and ZBC.

In his quest for Opposition Monopoly Chamisa tried to cash in a stolen cheque. unfortunately another hombre with inside information of the political power vault who had pulled a fast one on his boss earlier cashed his power cheque emptying the vault before the young energetic gringo could cash his.

Sending the young man in disarray now he has unleashed Alex Magaisa to mislead the people about the young man’s former allies.

Officially becoming the MDC T’s opposition not Zanu PF.

He has openly advised Chamisa not to enter into a room with Mwonzora and ED so that they solve the Zimbabwean problem together. His reason is that he will be alone in there.

True he will be the only one in that room who is immature ,egocentric, solipsistic and not ready to accept that Elections have not solved the current problems we face as a nation.
He had the opportunity to negotiate but he spurned the offer.

Magaisa has failed to see that Elections have brought nothing to the generality of the Zimbabwean people except poverty hunger disease, unemployement and international isolation and then we go back to another election that produces the same result.

Mwonzora’s call for National Dialogue which is all inclusive is different from Joining Polad which has become an extension of President Emmerson Mnangangwa’s advisory committee with no clarity of what it stands for.

The inculsivity meant by Tangwena Mwonzora is the Church, the students, civic society and other groups be it polical or not who want to see Zimbabwe moving out of the dark ages and be part of the international community again.

The international community has since washed its hands from Zimbabwe starting from SADC for various reasons since the demise of Morgan Tsvangirai.

Mwonzora is on course because the Zimbabwean situation is a domestic one and it needs a domestic solution.

In this dark hour where there is no economy to talk about, it will be good to suspend all elections for a period of ten years and form a Grand Government of National Unity and Prosperity, then open our boarders to billions of United States dollars of investments so as to create employment for the suffering masses.

Such Coalition governments are across Europe to Israel and these Countries have thriving economies because they do not believe in Alex Magaisa and Nelson Chamisa’s even Emmerson Mnangangwa’s imperial presidency of winner takes all and vanquishing of all political opponents.

Magaisa is under the illusion that the MDC T has no legal claim to negotiate because he has allowed his chaotic mind and his stubborn tongue to push his reckless pen on paper to lie that The MDC Alliance is a fully fledged party. When deep inside his heart he knows its not, because he is a legal person who has simply renounced his faith in law to join his students in arnachy and student activism that has taken this country and the MDC back since the demise of Morgan Tsvangirai.

Let me remind the reader and the world that such negotiations are not the first of their kind.

For the Liberation struggle to come to come to an end, all parties big or small had to negotiate in Lancaster.

The second negations to end Gukurahundi which claimed more than 20 000 lives in Matebeland were held between Zanu PF and PF Zapu.

The third such dialogue was between The MDC T, MDC Welsh and Zanu PF in 2008 that gave birth to the GNU. Which gave Magaisa a Job in the Prime Minister’s Office.

So what is the difference now?

In 2018 when the country held its elections the Zimbabwean Voters Roll had *6 900 000* voters.

According to the official poll result that Magaisa does not dispute Chamisa got 2 146 036
Emmerson Mnagangwa got 2 470 463 with Thokozani Khupe managing a paltry 45 000 and the rest going to the Mtekis of this world.

In 2016 the MDC came up with a strategic document, that for the MDC to win convincingly it must garner 4 500 000 votes but when Morgan Tsvangirai died Young emperor Nero stole the crown expecting to win but the votes of Nelson Chamisa were far below expectations. Managing only to poll 2 146 036.

There are 2 353 911 people who did not cast their votes in 2018 but had already registered their intention to vote. But stayed away from the vote because of the way Nelson grabbed power and and even how he Mnangangwa also took power.

They are two sides of the same coin.

Meaning Chamisa missed the party target by 2 353 911 votes.
If Nelson Chamisa was all that godly popular as Magaisa is glossing about it, how come he missed the people who where already on the train station but refused to get in his gravy Student Generational Consensus Train.

Alex Magaisa makes Every Body believe that the MDC Alliance is all that electrol powerful without consulting his election figures.
In St Mary’s in 2018 the MDC Alliance lost the popular vote to Zanu PF and Fringe Political Parties.
MDC Alliance had to win with a single block of
10219 and the other political parties garnerd 14 915 votes. They lost St Marys because of a split vote, but the honest truth is that it won and lost at the same time.

At Jabula Polling Station Manyame Park St Mary’s Zanu PF won in all the polling stations from the President to MP.
V11s are there and actual numbers do not lie not estimates of Thabani Mpofu in his affidavits.

The MDC Alliance in 2018 thought that they had found a conqueror in Bhaskiti but he was thumped in Mwenezi.

In Masvingo the MDC Alliance a grand coalition of 7 political parties managed only one seat.

In Harare Province the citadel and strong hold of opposition politics, Chamisa polled 548 089 votes and ED garnered 204 710. Is this normal in a so called Opposition Stronghold.

In Zanu PF Stronghold of Mashonaland Central ED polled 366 785 and Chamisa polled 97 097 votes. He was a very distant far from ED.
In Mazoe were Msanhi was representing Zanu PF he garnered 28 888 votes campared to MDC Alliance with 11 000 of Agrippa Mtambara of the Zim PF President in the MDC Alliance(Coalition).

Meaning that Mazoe East sank 3 MDC Contituencies in Chitungwiza Urban a perceived stronghold of Nelson Chamisa in 2018.

So this aura of Chamisa’s electoral invisibility is neither here nor there.

The point I am trying to drive here is that Nelson is not a redeemer as Magaisa is painting him. 2 300 000 people shunned him who had registered their intention to vote.

So the so called elections Magaisa is crying for will bring nothing more except misery to the people and hypertension to Nelson. He will even become a target in his own party.

Nelson must now answer Mwonzora’s call. To go and dialogue with Zanu PF so that they can at least agree to form a Grand Government of National Unity and Prosperity with the purpose of ;

*(1) Economic revival,*

*(2) Employment creation,*

*(3) Electoral Reforms,*

*(4) Media reforms – such as opening up the air waves like ZTV and Radio (to end zanu pf strangle hold on these public entities).*

*(5) Devolution – as is stated in the National Constitution,*

*(6) Re engangement with the Commonwealth, Britain, the US, and Germany in Particular and the EU as a separate entity to bring direct foreign investment,*

Among other things

A ten year election sabbatical will give the investor time to make make returns.

The strategy of jihadism and advocating for anarchy, protests and burning gorvernment buildings as revealed by their Provincial Chairlady in Bulawayo Province endangers the lives of citizens. This will only bring further misery to the Zimbabwean people.

But there is one technicality that Chamisa must address. For him to go and negotiate, he has to have a body which is a legal persona such as the MDC T and not a non legal persona like a group of 7 political partied which can not sue or be sued and truthfully speaking which are now under Douglas Mwonzora as far as the Composite Political Co-operation Agreement dictates.
The same organization can not be represented by two principals.

Taking advise from Alex Magaisa is being naive because the man is so devorced from reality due to his stay in Great Britain in an air conditioned room in Kent. Whilst here back home his kinsman are living on much harder ground living on less that fifty US Cents a day.
As always Alex Magisa writes his own opinion bereft of facts and figures.

I would advise Tangwena Douglas Mwonzora never to be deterred by such disillusioned people like Magaisa. The man is so full of envy and anger personally directed at him Mwonzora as a person.

Mwonzora in his Maturity and wisdom though under esteemed is on the right direction for the Zimbabwean People.

The Big Saturday read only seeks to bring Bigger Problems not peace and economic stability in Zimbabwe and must be totally ignored by all peace and Prosperity loving Zimbabweans.

*Mr Lloyd Damba*
*Writer and Reseacher*

Robert Tapfumaneyi