‘Mwonzora A Sellout, Now Dining with Mnangagwa’: Khupe


frustrated khupe

By Staff Reporter

Thokizani Khupe said voting ‘YES’ for Constitutional Amendment Bill No 2 will have been a betrayal to the struggle.

Khupe was among 22 legislators who voted ‘NO’ Tuesday as the Bill sailed through the National Assembly after it received 191 votes in support of its passage while 22 legislators voted against it.

She now feels betrayed party president Douglas Mwonzora, who whipped his MPs to vote with Zanu PF

“Dr Khupe did vote against that Bill because that Amendment in her view it is a violation of the latter and the spirit of the Constitution,” Khalipani Phugeni her spokesperson said.

“You would have seen in South Africa in the recent past there were interviewing judge for the highest court position in that country.”

“What is wrong about a judge who is going to preside over our matters to be publicly interviewed for all to be convinced that indeed this person is fit of the position which they seek.”

“Now if you are going to take that and give it upon one person what do you do to the independence of the judiciary you throw it into the dust bin.”

“You look at the devolution completely watered down that’s not the devolution that our people voted for.”
Phugeni added, “In less than ten years while we have already made to changes to the Constitution which was
overwhelmingly voted for.”

“So, Dr Khupe said no she couldn’t be part of that.”

“On the woman side the constitution says they should be 50/50% gender representation in all institution of the State, look at what we are doing, we are going with a piece meal approach, we are basically saying no we are just going to extend your quarter which does not go anyway near 50%.”

“So, we have got the few basically get keeping and making sure that the majority are not sufficiently represented in parliament.”

“This is her long-held position even at POLAD with the like of Prof Madhuku and others, they said we do not think this is the direction which should be going.”

“You do not need a situation where you are living this whole issue to a succession to few political elites.”

“The issue should have been left to the electorate which would have guaranteed a smooth transfer of power in the event that you have the president resigning or for some other reason not being able to carry out third position or in the worst case scenario being deceased while on the office.”

It will seek to remove a clause on running mates, extend women’s quota by two more terms, extend the tenure of medically fit judges beyond 70 years of age and also give impetus to Government’s devolution agenda.

Robert Tapfumaneyi


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