Mutami: ‘Unborn Twins Looks Like Mliswa’

Susan Mutami
Temba Mliswa

By Tendai Mukaro

Norton legislator Temba Mliswa’s former lover Susan Mutami has spoken about the well-being of her unborn twins attracting mixed comments on Twitter.

In a tweet, Mutami said had gone for a 4D scan to check on the well-being of the unborn twins.

“I just got my 4D ultrasound scan done and got to see their faces clearly for the first time and it’s not looking good for me,” said Mutami.

“They look exactly like Temba from nose, cheeks, to the shape of their head I feel defeated already.
“Lord why.”

Critics have accused Mutami for playing mind games casting doubt on the partenity of the unborn twins.
Below are some of the comments to Mutami’s tweet.

Sbu wrote, “The emphasis on Temba Mliswa being the father of these twins makes it suspicious if Temba is really the father.”

Gwafton wrote, “That’s playing psychological games now, why wouldn’t you wait till results are out.”

Maslyn Gororo posted, “School me guys, at 5 months can you see clear the face of a fetus?”

Jay Jay commented, “What about stammering, didn’t it appear too?”

Sibanda wrote, “On cases like this DNA is highly recommended.”

Sir Peter wrote, “These kind of lies!who sees the face of an unborn at 5 months?”

Retired Brigadier wrote, “At 5 months can you see that this child looks like whosoever?

Please Don’t Cry posted, “You had a relationship with Temba out of choice, you chose to go ahead with the pregnancy, if you did not want further defeat you had a choice too.” “Unwanted pregnancies can be aborted.
“To us you are making noise, you are actually bothering us.

Soko Murehwa wrote, “This issue doesn’t make sense; she is just a bitter someone who refused threesome but she loved Temba.”

“Didn’t you see the box face all along when you where still in love?”

Mutami also dispelled claims that Mliswa is HIV positive following comments on social media platforms questioning his status.

The comments follow claims made by an unidentified woman in 2017 that she had been infected by Mliswa.

Mutami said Mliswa was HIV negative and she went on to say the lady who claimed to have been infected by

Mliswa was the one who intended to infect him but failed.

“Please musanyepere Temba haana HIV munhu iyeye ndiye aitoda kutomuzadza but zvakaramba and we thank God because dei akato affecta our twins,” she said.

“My kids are very healthy in the belly kana in wacho nditori fit.”


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