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Mugabe and His Minions Are Certified Satanists


By Patson Dzamara (the late)

Remembering Dzamara

For taking a stand against the abduction of my brother, Itai, and against ZANU PF’s failure, I have lost two hard earned cars in one and half years. I will not give a brave face and pretend as though this doesn’t affect me. It does.



I was not born into opulence and my adult life did not even start at zero but minus. I do not have a well i run to for money somewhere in the ‘West’ as alleged in some circles. I don’t at all shy from stating that i am a hard worker and by God’s grace i have worked for the little i have.


When I left the home, I was raised in at the age of 17…the only two things i left with were a satchel and quintessential values assimilated from my parents such as hard work and faith in God. It is those values which have carried me through to where i am.


The journey has been exhilarating and at times painful. I am thoroughly grateful that i learnt to fight and stand on my own feet at a very tender age.



While i was being treated in hospital last week on Friday after my austere encounter with the agents of evil, my heart sank when i was informed that my car had been burnt. When i purchased that car of mine, using hard earned money through the work of my hands and mind not from the ‘West’, I named it Struggle.


Struggle was faithful to the end. We used and abused that small car for a lot of things. From carrying firewood and people to prison and hospital visits all in the name of the struggle.



Yesterday was my first day to be up and about ever since last Friday. I took time to visit the scene where i was abducted from and where my beloved Struggle was burnt to ashes.



I wasn’t born loathing ZANU PF and its strongman, one Robert Mugabe. It is their penchant towards evil which precipitated my dislike of ZANU PF. I am sure that many identify with me on this one. Ever since the attainment of independence, Mugabe and his minions have arrogantly and heartlessly presided over gross human rights abuses in Zimbabwe. So many people have been treated inhumanly and others have been killed by this gang.


They have forced some Zimbabweans to believe that they are second class citizens who ought to ululate, nod and shake bums in approval of anything they do and that they own Zimbabwe. It is those individuals who even suggested that i should be brought before the courts and charged for lying. What nonsense is that? I should be brought before the courts for being abducted, assaulted and having my property burnt by state agents? Phew!




It is heart-breaking that we have allowed those desperados to scornfully undress us. It’s unfortunate.



As though abducting my brother was not enough, as though assaulting and even abducting me was not enough, those thugs went ahead to burn my car, Struggle, and everything that was in it, including my laptop, Ipad, 3 smart phones, clothes and important documents. After burning Struggle and all those items, they went ahead to claim that i burnt my own car. Shameless and diabolic charlatans!



Ladies and gentlemen, if there is anyone who still feels there is anything much to expect from those gangsters other than more evil, I pity you. Mugabe and his minions are certified Satanists. They are a scandal and huge curse to the people of Zimbabwe.


Let’s face it, for as long as you are human you will agree with me that this is unacceptable, whether you are a member of ZANU PF or not. This is gross and evil. But who is doing all this? Mugabe and his equally evil minions. If you are member of ZANU PF, I know it’s your right to choose what you want but i shall tell you here and now, you are a member of a group which practices satanism.



Their hearts are reprobate and we deserve better than those scoundrels as our leaders. We can’t and we won’t continue like this. We must do all we can to usher in a new and better Zimbabwe. We must be prepared to pay the price.



A new and better Zimbabwe is possible in our lifetime. We shall come face to face with it.


Patson Dzamara


Robert Tapfumaneyi