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Mothers Mould The Minds Of Your Children So That They Do Not Become Ruthless, Unethical And Corrupt Like The Current Leaders In Zimbabwe.

Linda Masarira

By Linda Masarira

All mothers have the responsibility of teaching their children right from wrong, to show their children the path with a future and to nurture responsible, humble and tolerant leaders.

Emancipate yourself from mental slavery and teach your children to love, to respect mankind. Charity begins at home. If we teach our children “Ubuntu”, we raise children with respect for self and other people.

We, the mothers should teach our children humility and nurture children who use dialogue during conflict instead of violence. Peace begins at home, if we raise peaceful children, we will have a peaceful nation. We need selfless leaders in Zimbabwe, only mothers can groom these leaders for us.

We have a very big job as mothers to mould and renew the minds of our children so that they do not become ruthless, unethical and corrupt like the current leaders we have in Zimbabwe.

Influencers should lead by example, unfortunately corruption is now deeply ingrained in almost every Zimbabwean citizen regardless of class in the society.

We have a critical role to play as mother’s in restoring the dignity of Zimbabwe. Let us all endeavour to teach our children about:
1) the ills of corruption
2) the ills of evil unethical conduct
3) the ills of greed
4) the ills of selfishness
5) the power of LOVE
6) the ills of violence.
7) the benefits of unity
8) the benefits of a transformative democratic state
9) the benefits of an empowered person
10) the benefits of knowing your rights

Let us move from the fake comfort zone we are in and preach a zero tolerance on corruption and all forms of abuse. Collectively we can rebuild Zimbabwe and restore it to its former pride. Ana Amai, imi neni tine basa. Nguwa yekuchema yakapfura yaanguwa yemabasa nekuita.

Today, I celebrate you all mother’s of value and salute you for tenacity and resilience.

Happy mothers day all women leaders, every woman is a leader. Enjoy your day!

Linda Tsungirirai Masarira
*LEAD President*


Robert Tapfumaneyi