Mnangagwa Abusing Public Funds To Reward Co-opted Losing Opposition Politicians


By WaMagaisa


1. Government spending public funds to buy vehicles for the co-opted losers in POLAD is arguably a breach of the Political Parties (Finance) Act because it is disguised financing of ineligible political parties. None of them qualify to receive public funding under the legislation.


2. Under the law, the minimum qualification for a party to receive public funding is that it must have earned at least 5% of the total number of votes cast in the previous election. None of the POLAD parties are eligible. Only 2 parties qualified in 2018: ZANU PF & MDC Alliance.

3. The highest of the POLAD parties was Khupe’s MDC-T with a paltry 3,42% of the national vote. NPF had 1.04%. The rest, including Madhuku’s NCA had less than 1%. Mnangagwa is using POLAD as an avenue to by-pass the law on political funding. This is unethical & illegal.


4. The vehicle scheme is an abuse of public funds to reward co-opted politicians. What’s the point of the political financing law if public funds can be channelled to the undeserving through POLAD? There are good legal grounds to challenge this breach & abuse of public funds.



Members of the Political Actors Dialogue platform initiated by President Emmerson Mnangagwa in 2018 for participants in the 2018 presidential elections have received vehicles from the government.


The vehicles which are said to be for POLAD activities will belong to the members after three years.


Prof Lovemore Madhuku …. “I support the Polad approach. I will use the vehicle to spread the Polad philosophy and build the NCA. The vehicle is not a personal gift from the President: it is from the Government. For the NCA it is the first form of support we have received from the State. We welcome it.”



In 2019 members of Polad have told President Emmerson Mnangagwa that they want government to fund their 2020 operations which include money for all-terrain vehicles and sitting allowances.


Robert Tapfumaneyi

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