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Mliswa Exposes Ziyambi’s Extra Marital Affairs

Temba Mliswa
Ziyambi Ziyambi
By Tendai Mukaro
Norton legislator Themba Mliswa has accused Justice minister Ziyambi Ziyambi for using his position of influence to snatch other people’s wives.
Mliswa whorecently accused Ziyambi for attempting to have him killed said the minister was not fit to occupy public office.
“After I raised some serious objections to Ziyambi’s continued stay in office following his statement deriding the judiciary I have received more information that shows that his shortcomings goes beyond the legal into the moral,” tweeted Mliswa.
The screenshot from Mliswa’s informant claimed Ziyambi was  having an affair with  Adriana Siziba a junior officer at the ministry of Foreign Affairs.
“This is one of ZZ girlfriends who is a Law officer at ministry of foreign Affairs,” read the message on the pictures.
“Her name is Adriana Hondora Siziba.
“She is legally married but is dating ZZ it’s a known relationship he is always picking her up”.
Mliswa criticised Ziyambi for dating married women taking advantage of his power to ‘scare off’ thier husbands.
“The husbands are usually powerless to do anything when someone uses their political clout to steal women,” he said.
“The husband is powerless especially against someone who goes to witch doctors.
“But, we are not powerless as the people to be led by such characters.”
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