MDC Mourns Chief Nyamukoho

Chief Nyamukoho

MDC Mourns Chief Nyamukoho

By Sesel Zvidzai Sec Local Gvt and Rural Development

The People of Nyamukoho Chieftainship, Mashonaland East and Zimbabwe have lost a pillar of traditional leadership ethos, a business man and senator with the departure of Chief Nyamukoho, born Samson Katsande.

The MDC Alliance joins the nation in mourning a unique chief, a man who stood firm for fairness, tolerance and peace. Chief Nyamukoho fought relentlessly for the Upliftment of the people in his area and for a resilient and self-reliant community.

He is well known during his time as Senator for championing family level production of small seed crops such as Mhunga for self-reliance.

He despised the dependence syndrome which he referred to as the “Ndipowo Ndipowo” disease.

This was in reference to the perpetual attitude of waiting for handouts from government.

He also believed that local people should benefit from resources that their areas are endowed with.
He was a firm believer in the devolution of power to lower governmental levels.

He knew that devolution brings out the best from citizens .

A business man of note, Chief Nyamukoho personally funded many peace building workshops in his area of jurisdiction.

Sometimes he ran the workshops in collaboration with the church.

Chief Nyamukoho frowned on partisanship in state interventions on social welfare issues such as food and agricultural inputs.

Taking a leaf from his work, the government should work on capacity building processes for Chiefs so that they can work in their communities without aligning to any political party, build peace and inculcate a culture of self-reliance among in
areas of control.

As the MDC Alliance, we cherish the legacy of fairness, entrepreneurship, rule of law and non-partisanship which Chief Nyamukoho bequeathed to the traditional leadership institution, parliament and the generality of family Zimbabwe.

Rest In Peace Chief.


Chief Nyamukoho
Robert Tapfumaneyi