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MDC-A Is ED’s Pre-Coup Coalition Partner & MDC-T Is ED’s Post-Coup Govt Partner



Prof. JN Moyo

1/25 It’s the end of another tumultuous year for Zimbabweans which, like 2020 that ended with the peak of a 3rd wave and new Delta variant, is ending with a surging 4th wave under a new variant, Omicron. And so lives and livelihoods in Zim are threatened, as the new year beckons!



2/25 With the exodus of some 2,000 specialised health workers who have left the country in search of greener pastures, due to deteriorated working and political conditions, the readiness of Zim’s healthcare system to deal with the highly transmissible Omicron is in serious doubt!




3/25 Even more disquieting is the ill-preparedness of Zimbabweans to deal with the deteriorated political conditions in the country. With 100 days before the by-elections and 18 months before the 2023 elections, 2021 is ending with no respite on the horizon for ordinary people!





4/25 The one major reason why Zimbabweans, as a body politic, are ill-prepared to deal with the country’s deteriorated political conditions is because they’re balkanized by the politics of affection; driven by principals over principles, wherein personalities always trump ideas!




5/25 As a telling example of the toxic tragedy of Zimbabwe’s politics of affection today, last week I found myself in the ire of cultic anger, after I dared challenge the wisdom of the USD120K GoFundMe for a VIP bulletproof car for @nelsonchamisa.



6/25 The angry and cultic response to my tweet was fast and furious, from the usual thoughtless trolls and their usual cultic leaders. Notably, the trolls did not offer much of an argument nor really want me to explain myself; all they were about was to demonize me, as a person!





7/25 As the angry reaction to my tweet reached a tipping point, I tried to cool things down by explaining, not the substantive reasons behind my USD120K GoFundMe tweet, but the purpose of the tweet as a conditional proposition.





8/25 My attempt to cool things down met with intensified scorn, as the Bishop of the MDC-A’s Zizi Cult labelled me “ana dai madai”; and churned out a rambling essay that sought to sanitise Mnangagwa’s military coup by diagnosing its “G40” victims as diseased with “loss of power”!





9/25 It is settled old-age village wisdom that if a bumpkin, reputed as “zizi risina nyanga” (paper tiger); snatches your clothes while you’re bathing by the riverside and runs away with them; don’t run after the bumpkin to retrieve your clothes; continue bathing, help will come!





10/25 Resultantly, I left the zizi cult to self-indulge, as it engaged in mutual admiration with its bishop. Yet, the issues have not gone away; it’s never enough for any cacophonic epithets of a cult, no matter how loud or connected, to bury substantive issues. So here we are!




11/25 In the public interest of promoting informed, inclusive, evidence based and open ended public discourse; even if or where disagreements persist, it’s important to forge mutual understanding based on what is said; not who says it. So, here is what my GoFundMe tweet meant👇🏿!




12/25 The idea of a USD120K GoFundMe for a VIP bullet proof car was puzzling as it smacked of either getting the MDC-A’s priorities wrong, or not knowing them. Worse, the idea betrayed leadership insensitivity; a leader does not buy a cake, where his followers don’t have bread!




13/25 On the MDC-A’s priorities, it’s common cause that the party is in dire straits: no office; no budget; no party workers; no cars with party logos out there; no visible nationwide party activity: therefore basically, no institutional capacity and no administrative support!





14/25 Objectively speaking, it’s irrational for a party with no institutional capacity and in desperate need for administrative support, within the calendar cycle of a general election, to prioritize the purchase of a VIP bulletproof car for its leader. It puts off real donors!




15/25 Respectfully, raising such issues is not malicious; the issues don’t reflect the quandary of someone suffering from some disease caused by military induced “loss of power” nor do they reflect a wish to dictate stuff to the MDC-A faction. It’s empathetic sympathy, full stop!




16/25 The defence of the USD120K GoFundMe for the VIP car on grounds that “he who pays the piper calls the tune” is scandalous & endangers political party financing by citizens. Worse, it creates parallel centres of power & may threaten national security!




17/25 Citizen or contributor based funding for political parties or campaigns is not new; it’s common around the world. But the party doing it must own & lead the process, account for the identity of contributors and for the funds; to safeguard the party’s interests and the law!




18/25 The violent and highly personalised MDC-A reaction to my questions about the USD120K GOFUNDME saga brings back this thought provoking tweet posted last Aug by @glenmpani👇🏿.
Indeed; immaturity, irrationality and intolerance now rule the MDC-A “base”!




19/25 Clearly, @glenmpani was right. The behaviour of the loquacious “base” of the MDC-A, which has lawyers, is antithetical to the party’s self-image of a constitutional and rights based party. See what the MDC-A cult has been begging Mnangagwa to do👇🏿!




20/25 MDC-A’s cultists are cozy with @edmnangagwa as clansmen. In ED’s biography, Eddie Cross narrates this as ED’s 18 year quest to grab power even by coups under a “Wezhira Alliance”. Cross confirms that ED & Tsvangirai agreed on a military coup in 2014 but disagreed on a GNU!




21/25 Like their ED clansmen MDC-A cultists lie that “G40” were the power behind Mugabe. They lie to vilify persons they hate but don’t backup their lie. Yet ED Cross has since confirmed that ED, the key clansman of MDC-A cultists, was the power and force behind Mugabe’s rule👇🏿!




22/25 Zim’s key political players today are:
*Two ZanuPF factions
*Deep state
The untold truth about these players is that the two MDCs are byproducts of the coup: MDC-A is ED’s pre-coup coalition partner & MDC-T is ED’s post-coup govt partner. The rest is history!




23/25 Since the coup, the public sphere has been depoliticised & the public, i.e., electorate, has disengaged. This has given rise to digital platforms that are disconnected from the people, who have disengaged. Only ZanuPF MPs & the deep state, remain connected with the people!




24/25 By way of information, on 11 Oct 2021 I wrote to @hwendec withdrawing my offer to support Tsholotsho MDC-A polling agents and to train 44K polling agents for 2023. And on 26 Nov 2021 I wrote to @nelsonchamisa to inform him I’m not doing partisan politics for 2023 elections!




25/25 Tsvangirai’s MDC is history, as is Mugabe’s ZanuPF. They’ve become fatal factions. Only the deep state remains standing. Efforts to mobilize voters under personalised hashtags, such as #ED5MoreYears or #NgaapindeHakeMukomana are cultic and cannot win popular votes in 2023!

Robert Tapfumaneyi