Maskiri’s New Single Criticised: Insensitive

By Tendai Mukaro
South African based Zimbabwean controversial rapper Maskiri real name  Alishias Musimbe’s new hit Mbinga yekuBinga has been attacked by fans for being insensitive.
This follows his  ‘handina musoro saTapiwa Makore’ line were Maskiri  makes reference to a heart breaking story of a Murehwa boy who was allegedly killed for ritual purposes and ended up being buried without some of his body parts including his head.
Mbinga yekuBinga comes amidst fights for the Hiphop thrown with Enzo Ishall recently declared himself king of Hiphop.
In turn hip-hop artist Holyten also claimed to be the King.
In Mbinga yekuBinga, Maskiri declared he remained the king of Hiphop and he would not be dethroned.
He attcked Holy Ten for trying to compete with him.
” Vakauya nezuro hamheno kuti vanonzi vanani, vaka discovhwa  last year kunge Zumbani,” sings Maskiri.
However, Maskiri’s line about Makore did not sit well with some fans who openly attacked him for this joke on social media.
Shona lako Bulawayo posted,” If anyone defends Maskiri I’m buying a gun and finding were they stay.”
“Everything else was fine but that Tapiwa line.”
The Urban Ancient poet, wrote, “That Tapiwa Makore line of Maskiri’s Mbinga yekubinga is quite chilling though, but damn that’s f*cking far.”
Be sweet wrote, “He is wrong, that’s a sensitive story.”
Kuda wrote, “It’s like telling a rape joke on record, freedom of speech should carry responsibility comrade.”
Augustine Stein Moonash wrote, “His new song was lit till he mentioned Tapiwa Makore, total turn off.”
Maskiri is a renowned multi Hiphop award winner who rose to fame in 2002 with his hit song Tambudzai and Zverudo featuring Roki.
However he is not new to provocative messages as some of his songs were barred from national radio due to his diction which carried  explicit messages.
Robert Tapfumaneyi


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