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Love & Scandals

Man Rapes Own Daughter Several Times On A Grave

Alice Maudze
Alice Maudze

By Elizabeth Nyaguyo

People believe that parents are supposed to be the ones to show love and protect their children from any harm.


Alice Maudze, a Mutare woman had an unbearable childhood at the hands of her father who sexually and physically abused her.




In an interview with Sly Media, Alice Maudze emotionally poured her heart out, how she was abused and suffered by her own father, whom she was staying with during the dark period.


“My father took me to his rural residential homestead then he commanded me to remove my clothes, he told me to lay down facing upwards on top a grave behind one of the houses he applied some black powder in my vagina and he then forced himself on me.

“I screamed when he was raping me then he threatened to kill me if I scream again.




“He raped me and I just felt that black powder entering inside me and then he told me to sniff it,” she said.



“From that day he raped me he was now coming to the village where I was living with my grandmother every week on Friday evening to rape me.


“I later got pregnant by someone and this did not stop him from raping me one day he came and asked me to lay down on a grave which is in our yard and he used the same modus operandi to rape me and told me not to sleep with another man again except him only.



“Ever since he started raping me I was lonely without any friend so I did not tell anyone about this, “she lamented.




Alice said that she was dismayed about her father’s malevolent behavior.



As if it was not enough, her father went on to sleep with his own mother.



“One day my father visited in the village on a Friday evening and I was told by my grandmother to sleep in the dining room then I woke up at the middle of the night and went in my grandmother’s bedroom and was appalled to see my father having sex with my grandmother,“ said Alice.



She said that her father, despite raping her, locked her in a wardrobe for five days when she was in grade three when she was staying with him so that she won’t tell anyone what she saw.




Even though the ordeal happened when she was still very young, Alice is still traumatized to this day.

Robert Tapfumaneyi