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Love & Scandals

Man Marries His Mother After His Father Died



I even paid lobola for her


An old man found love in his stepmother’s eyes after his father passed on.


Umweze and Nabusane, lived together in the same house in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) until the mother and son developed romantic feelings for each other.


Umweze who was brought up by Nabusane, his father’s step wife, ended up taking her as a wife.



The 65-year-old man paid lobola for his father’s wife and took her as his lover.
The now-elderly man grew up in a stable family, having both mother and father and a sister, as narrated by Afrimax English.


However, his biological mum passed on when he and his sister were adults, and it left a gap.
While they were fine with living without a mother, their father, Usake, desired to marry again.


Umweze’s dad remarries
Usake visited Nabusane’s home when she was a young girl and registered his interest in marrying her.
He paid the bride price of one goat and took her to be his wife, and Umweze’s step-mother.



Two years later, Umweze’s father passed away, and they were left alone in the little house.
Umweze’ sister left home, leaving Nabusane and her sibling brother back in the house owned by the father.


Developing feelings
Umweze and Nabusane lived as step-mother and son for a while until their relationship started getting stronger.
Living in a single room meant they would dress and undress before each other, a factor that led to them falling for one another.


When the feeling got stronger and they could no longer hide their love, Umweze went to pay the bride price for Umweze and took her as his wife.


Criticism for coming out
He says he was happy for the decision and both are proud to have made the love public.
Their freedom came at a price as many in the society criticised them, with others questioning why Umweze could not pick another girl.


The couple does not have a child and many said it was because they violated cultural boundaries.


Umweze and Nabusane said they could not get married because no priest or leader would join members of the same family.


Robert Tapfumaneyi