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Love & Scandals

Man-Caught Wife Bedding Son

Wonder Chimutabwi
Wonder Chimutabwi

By Elizabeth Nyaguyo

A Mhondoro man Wonder Chimutabwi was left tongue-tied after finding out that his wife Lydia Zvobha and their 29-year-old son are having a sexual relationship behind his back.


Chimutabwi is a father of six, two boys and four girls




In an interview with Sly Media, Chimutabwi said that he was heartbroken from the day he knew that his son was having an affair with his mother, in his absence




“I am in pain with what is going on in my life. At first, I could not believe what I saw.

“I was a security guard, and I used to come back home in the morning, so when I got into my bedroom, I was astonished to see my son in my bed.





“I asked him why he was laying in my bed and he told me that his mother had instructed him to accompany her for the night and that statement alone showed me that the two were having sex behind my back,”h e said.




He went on to say that he is not happy with what his son and wife are doing despite all he has done for them.




“I am hurt, but there is nothing I can do. I have never done anything wrong to my son I was the one who paid his school fees from ECD till form 4, though he failed and his mother secured him a place at a Mechanics school I was the one who helped him get an attachment place.





“My two daughters are now against me. I don’t know why, yet i was working day and night trying to make a good future for my children, but now they are supporting their evil mother against me.

“As for my wife, I was the best husband ever. I bought a car, a motorbike, and many cattle and even spent on her alone,” he said.





Chimutabwi said that with all that has been happening in his family, he ended up relocating from his homestead to avoid issues.




“I am now staying on my own after I saw that my wife enjoys our son more than me.

“I am not going back to their house we cannot live under the same roof and as for the wife I don’t want anything to do with her again because she might infect me with STI’s,” he added.




Chimutabwi said that this whole issue affected him to the extent of him drinking poison.




“This issue has made me think stupid things I remember I drank poison after l heard my wife’s lovers talking to her saying that she should stop sleeping with the son and rather them since they are all grown-ups.

“Recently, I almost took my life. I was telling people that if one eats a poisonous mushroom from a gum tree, one will not die slowly without feeling any pain,” said Chimutabwi.


Robert Tapfumaneyi