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Makandiwa Worse Than Magaya: Prophet Chiwenga


By Tendai Mukaro

Founder of Jesus Revelation Ministries Prophet Talent Chiwenga has labelled United Family International founder Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa and Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries founder Prophet Walter Magaya fake prophets taking advantage of innocent people.

He made the allegations in his sermon titled ‘Babylon: The Great Final’ that was uploaded on Facebook on January 30, 2021.

In his sermon, Prophet Chiwenga said Prophets Makandiwa and Magaya were witch doctors who had bewitched the nation.
Prophet Chiwenga claimed the two men of the cloth had mastered the tactics used by Europeans when they colonised Africa.

“Colonisers make sure that they accumulate things better than you; from skin to wealth thereby creating a superiority complex which makes it difficult for interiors to criticise such that they end up saying yes to everything,” said Prophet Chiwenga. “That is the same technique which is being utilised by Makandiwa and Magaya.

“They buy expensive clothes, wear double buttoned jackets, three-piece suits, put on expensive perfumes, drive GL63AMG and some of them even relocate to unknown places when they started off in Chitungwiza.

“All this is done just to create a superiority complex which makes it easy for people to nod to everything they say.

Prophet Chiwenga accused the two for being in competition and gave example that when Prophet Makandiwa came up with an anointing which he called the best Prophet Magaya came with one he what he called ‘chibaba chacho.’

Prophet Chiwenga accused Prophet Magaya for being ignorant of scriptures and said he spent more time in deliverance to cover up for his flaws.

“Small things are too complicated for him for example he could not explain that Ruth’s husband was Mahlon, Orpah’s husband was Chillion and that Ruth and Orpah’s mother in law was Naomi while their father-in-law was Elimelech,” said Prophet Chiwenga.

“He also uses broken English.

“One day he held the Bible and said I want to preach for you a few minutes after which he went on to say preaching is a waste of time.”

However, Prophet Chiwenga said Prophet Magaya had admitted that his institution was not a church but a ministry hence they did not baptise people but focused on deliverance.

Prophet Chiwenga said Prophet Magaya was a better ‘devil’ compared to Prophet Makandiwa whom he accused of twisting scriptures to achieve his own goals.

“Magaya is however better than Makandiwa because he does not know the Bible and avoids it but Makandiwa abuses the Bible; he twists scriptures and feeds poison to his followers,” said Prophet Chiwenga.

“Give me any of Makandiwa’s sermons and I will show you the lies.

“One day I believe God will give me an opportunity to meet them face to face and ask them where do you get the Bible you preach guys?

Robert Tapfumaneyi