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Mai Titi Hits Back At Mamoe

By Ruvarashe Dhliwayo
Socialite Felistars Murata popularly known as Mai Titi who is currently touring America has hit back at Patricia Mamoe Majoni who tried to stop her function in North Carolina.
Mai Titi was scheduled to have a meet and greet with fans in North Carolina on Friday which Mamoe tried to stop.
The event went ahead.
Posting on her Facebook page, Mai Titi revealed she had been alerted of efforts by Mamoe to have the show cancelled.
“So the owner of the place where we held our even showed us this email from Patricia Majoni known as Mamoe on Facebook who was hoping my event shut down and even called the police to try and arrest me,” posted Mai Titi.
“Unfortunately they came and protected me because I got rights to be here and be doing what I am doing but you trying to do this to me.
” I will see to it that you get your own taste of your own medicine you think I dont know my rights because you have been in America for a long time.
“You need to know the difference between me and you and henceforth you will know the difference.”
Mai Titi revealed before trying to have the event cancelled, Mamoe had tried to dupe fans into believing she was hosting the event.
Days before the event Mamoe posted on her Facebook page claiming she was hosting Mai Titi’s event in North Carolina and inturn Mai Titi posted that it was not true.
” You should be ashamed of yourself after trying to steal from people claiming to host the event you get to this,” posted Mai Titi.
“I dont know you why the hate.
” Are you ok upstairs.”
Excerpts from the email written by Mamoe to the host of Mai Titi’s event read, “I am writing this email as a concerned citizen.”
“The person who is being hosted at your facility has pending violations for her illegal activities that she has been carrying out while holding a visitor’s visa.
” It is advisable that this booking be cancelled because authorities which include the local police department and immigratios has been notified about this coming event and will be at your place of business to verify work documents.”
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