Mahomva Nail Eddie On The Cross Over ED’s Life Of Sacrifice


By Richard Mahomva

Key Observations:


1. A fast-paced account for life story of a man with a 50+ year political career to his name;


2. The book would have been more interesting had it offered an Afrocentred dimension to the revolutionary and pro-poor logic of the Fast-Track Land Reform Programme;



3. Cross needed a little pull back from his neoliberal penchant to at least unpack a semblance of a ’decolonial’ Emmerson Mnangagwa;


4. The anti-land reform projection of the late former President and African icon feeds into the perpetuity of the Rhodesian (mis)reading of Zimbabwe’s struggle to be genuinely post-colonial;



5. The mute “revolutionary voice/tone” in the book fails to philosophically locate Pres Mnangagwa as the organic nationalist he really is and;



6. The plain narrativity of the book also fails to project the perennially ideological of/and about the anti-colonial movement -to which President Mnangagwa is a central figure.


“Perhaps, the writer should have been a person who identifies with the values of Africa’s fight against colonialism in all its ontological and epistemological manifestations.”


Robert Tapfumaneyi


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