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Love & Scandals

Madziva Man Get 20 Bond As Divorce Token



By Elizabeth Nyaguyo


A 34- year-old-Madziva man Givemore Makaza was divorced by his wife Shylet Neka after he denied her conjugal rights following several domestic issues




Eventually the man left his matrimonial home and joined his long-time girlfriend



For more click the link and watch the court proceedings





This matter was reported to Chief Nyamaropa’s traditional court and it was their third time appearing before the traditional chief.





In an interview with Sly Media,Neka said that she is even regretting marrying Makaza in the first place because he is actually punishing her by starving her sexually.





“From the last day we were here since then he did not touch me neither talking of having sex.




“The day we had a fight l returned home from my parent’s place and l started touching him like what other women do to their husbands but he did nothing in response no sex.





“The following day I wanted to try again but he did not return back from his girlfriend’s place since then till today we had no sex,” she said.





She added that,chief MIMAROPA told them to go and make peace in their marriage but her husband continued to make life unbearable for her as he went on to insult his in-laws.






“On that day when you told us to go and make peace, he did not return home and he come back the following day and when he come he started insulting me together with my parents saying that they should not be present in court when our issues are being discussed.





“The fight was something else that same day to an extent of me running away to my parent’s house but unfortunately he followed me there and he did worse in front of my parents,” she said.






Neka told the court that she cannot continue with the marriage anymore because the husband is abusive and is taking advantage of her.





“All I want now is to end this marriage and he has to take care of his children because he is taking advantage of me since I gave him four children that’s why he does not want to sleep with me anymore.





“I can’t continue staying with him as my husband whilst refusing to give me my conjugal rights as a woman, ”said Neka.




She produced 20bond as a divorce token to end her marriage with her husband Makaza.


Robert Tapfumaneyi