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Madungwe Warn Pastors To Stop Preaching Against Him In Their Churches






By Elizabeth Nyaguyo


Controversial Prophet Talent Madungwe has warned pastors around the country to stop involving him in their preaching as he said that they are tarnishing his ‘good’ image.




Prophet Madungwe made headlines in 2016 after he told the nation that God visited him at his house and the two had a wonderful time together.






In an interview with Sly Media during a weekly programme the Practical Religious Conversation, Madungwe expressed his grief towards Pastors who are preaching against his work in churches.




“I am not happy with some pastors who are busy preaching about my work criticizing me in churches other than focusing on the bible.




“Why is it that someone leave the bible and start preaching about me and the most touching part is that some pastors will be saying I am mentally unstable yet that person is calling himself or herself a pastor.



“That nonsense must stop because these so-called pastors all of them are not as true as me I am the only true man of God who is always in heaven and come back alive on earth,” added Madungwe.





He added that, pastors should not brag after completing theology courses because he said he is most educated prophet in this world.





“Pastors should stop bragging after going for a theology school because they are empty look now after completing, they know nothing and still come back and preach about me,” he said.




Madungwe also warned people from different churches not to follow pastors who always preach against him.



“To people out there I want to tell you that if you see your pastor preaching against me tell him to stick to bible and stop attacking others.





“Pastors should know that I am the Paul of our time they should respect me not to disrespect me.






“If you are in a church that always attack me please leave that church because I don’t attack other pastors what I do is come here and give people instructions from God I don’t have time to attack people because I know that they is no one bigger like me.” said Madungwe.


Robert Tapfumaneyi