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Madam Boss’s Hubby Hits Back


By Ruvarashe Dhliwayo

Ngoni Munetsiwa husband to Tyra ‘Madam Boss’ Chikocho has hit back to fans who had dismissed the idea that the two were a power couple in the arts industry.



Some fans on social media have likened Madam Boss to singing sensation Beyonce Knowles leading to some suggesting that Munetsiwa was a mismatch as he could not be likened to Jay-Z (Beyonce’s husband.)



Posting on his Facebook page, Munetsiwa wrote, “Kana usiri kuona Jay-Z na Beyonce you need deliverance muka ubike doro vadzimu vakurasha.”



“Ndapedza nemi macousie aLucie.
“Ngenyi muchiramba”



Commenting on the post socialite Madam Boss who recently landed an acting role in a South African television production The Bad Bishop wrote, “Ramba wakadzvanya Tangopale.”



Thomas Chizhanje also commented, “You just made my day bro.”
“Jay-Z indeed.”



However, some fans felt there was no need for Madam Boss and Munetsiwa to compare themselves to Beyonce and Jay-Z.



Melanke Fadzai Maodza posted, “Sei kuda kuzvifananidza nevamwe vanhu can’t you appreciate the uniqueness you were given by God without comparing with other humanities (sic)”



“You need to love yourself and appreciate your own beauty have swlf love and appreciation, when you do that you will be giving God His glory.



“Madiro amunoita vana JZ and Beyonce kudarika Mwari haizi yave idolatry here.
“Mati zvichiri zvega.”



Another fan Vaidah Muzhere posted, “Why muchida kuva someone else, yes they inspire you but you don’t know thier life.”



“Madam Boss and Ngoni you are the best there is without comparing yourselves with anyone.
“Believe me you are the best.”

Robert Tapfumaneyi

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