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Lobola Drinking Slay Queens Confession Gone Wrong

Roora Squad
Roora Squad

By Zandile Tandi

Socialite Plaxedes Doobae’s marriage ended prematurely after one of her friends who was part of her roora squad allegedly told her husband he was not the father of their child.

Doobae first made waves on social media after entering the Miss Africa’s most curvy women pageant.

Julis Askana in a post on social media revealed how Doobae had been ‘betrayed’ by a friend.
“Zimbabwean slay quees @Plaxeders doobae who recently got married has been exposed after her friends told the hubby that the baby does not belong to him,” read the post.

It is alleged the couple invited Doobae’s friends for drinks and started having a confession game resulting in one of the friends claiming the child did not belong to Doobae’s husband.

So, after a couple of drinks, during a confessions game, this roora squad told their friend’s husband that the baby that he has been taking care of is not his. A DNA test confirmed that the groom was not the father.

Who do you think is to blame in this issue?

“The story of the day is about the roora squad that told their friend’s husband that the baby that he has been taking care of is not his. This happened during a confessions game after a few , Who is to blame?” asked on on social media

Givemore MutirikwiDo one to blame actually you should thank the person who said the truth…coz y lie actually the friend who said rhe truth is the one that loves her dearly coz she wanted wats best for her which is taking the kid to the real father not pin on someone whos not..”

Gee CynnieAhhahaha what’s shocking me is you all know boys never break bro code. Why are women so quick to break this girl code. Why are people defending the snitch , she was wrong , SHE IS NO SAINT. Ndoatinoti makuhwa aya .”

Patience Zaru I think the bride was 100% wrong from the word go. She shouldn’t have made that suicidal move.
However, that doesn’t justify the betrayal she got from her close friends. Yes she was wrong but it’s also 100% wrong for her friends to betray her.
Moreover, the groom also carries his blame share for trusting this gender, a move that is genocidal!
Overall, I blame all participants in this whole saga, although the biggest share of the blame goes to the bride, followed by the squad and lastly the groom himself.
Kana ava mapesenari, you may also blame ZANU PF “

Khanyi Zoza Gumpo “Roora squads siyanai nawo. They are 100% jealous of you. Roora should be with family members. Your sisters are your roora squad. Zvimwe hameno makuzviwanepi”

Khumbulan Hlongwani “These squads are not good 90% of them will be just feeling jealous of you they aren’t like us men”

Kudzie Madzimure “I don’t really support roora squad but on this one they did good aisvikepi Hastings achichengeta mwana asiri wake. Tirikupa kutenda chaizvo nekuburitsa nyaya murambe muchidaro ma sqauds handiti ”

Robert Tapfumaneyi


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