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Komichi Warns MDCT Supporters


To: All MDC-T Provincial Chairpersons. c.c.
The Presidium
The Secretary General
The National Organising Secretary All party members



Re: Call for Order to Prevail The Party Constitution (Article 9.3) tasks the National Chairperson, among other things, to be the overall overseer of the general health and state of the Party, to be the principal overseer and officer responsible for conflict avoidance, management and resolution of conflicts and disputes between and amongst individual officers of the party and within the structures and/or organs of the Party; and to be responsible for the promotion of national healing and reconciliation both internally and externally.





Article 5.4 of the Constitution also reminds every member that they have the duty: –
To accept and conform to the Constitution, policies, principles, rules and regulations of the Party; –
To conduct oneself in a manner which is not prejudicial to the interests of the Party and in particular, to adhere to the Code of Conduct of the Party; –
To observe discipline, not engage in any forms of violence, to behave honestly and carry out loyal decisions of the Party; –


To fight against racism, tribalism, sexism, violence, religious and political intolerance or any other forms of discrimination or chauvinism; and –

To fight for genuine democratic change in Zimbabwe, the rule of law, equal rights and justice.




Therefore, the results of the just ended by-elections being topical within and without the Party and being aware of the sentiments expressed all-round, and being mindful of the need to keep the Party intact and focused I would like to call on all MDC members to forthwith cease all destructive and vindictive behaviour towards one another and to follow the dictates of the Party Constitution.



There is reported harassment of some members of the Party.


Arbitrary decisions should not be left to party members to carry out willy-nilly but if there is need to adhere to disciplinary measures all members are enjoined to follow the due process of disciplinary proceedings.



Please be reminded that these disciplinary measures are carried out by recognised structures of the party and not by members in their individual capacities. We have to guard the Party from being reduced to a state of nature and resist anarchy from finding its way in.



There is no need to panic and for hooliganism to manifest itself within the Party.




That culture is abhorred and condemned, it does not belong to this party and is foreign to our values and principles.



I call on all peace-loving members of the party to not to lose hope but to converge and to collectively be responsible to find the wisdom and gravitas to chart a winning way forward that embraces all voices and viewpoints.



This is a call for all members to be disciplined, orderly, respectful and united. Together and united, we will achieve more

Robert Tapfumaneyi