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Komichi Takes Over MDC-T




By Robert Banda
Opposition top leader Morgen Komichi Wednesday was forced to stop his address during a press conference by supports linked to the party leader Douglas Mwonzora


Komichi has since declared himself the opposition part’s interim leaddr in a bid to revive the fragmented opposition party.



“MDC is a brand, it is known in every household across Zimbabwe”, he said.



Komichi urged the lost sheep and the veterans of the original MDC to return home.

“I therefore call upon members of the MDC as we prepare to participate in next general elections on 23 August 2023, everyone who is interested to become a candidate should enroll with MDC” he said.



He has embraced the open door policy where he is inviting those who would want to join the party to create a new opposition outfit with a new mantra, trajectory, vision, and approach.






“I am the interim leader of MDC, as I was left by those three gentleman, you see them, Morgan Tsvangirai,Gibson Sibanda and Baba Isaac Matongo, other MDCs you see running around I don’t talk about them what I am simply doing is I am inviting them to come back to me.


“The question of who has given you mandate, we are all Christians let me share a small story of Adonijah and Solomon, Adonijah was thev ery powerful, rich brother of Solomon immediately after the death of their father he took over Israel but you know what eventually happened, an instruction was given to Solomon to ride on a horse and to tell the people that he was the leader there so don’t worry about that.”



Boaz Mangamiso who works for the media and information centre at the Harvest House where the MDC headquarters are located, interjected and said , ‘Komichi’s leadership is not credible and approved by the people of Zimbabwe

Mangamiso said Komichi is digging his own grave and he is going to see Mwonzora rise from the position he is. He even went out to state that komichi’s Facebook posts are not supported by those in the MDC party.



Robert Tapfumaneyi