Kombis Not Under ZUPCO ‘banned’: ZRP

New Zupco busses
By Tendai Mukaro
The move by Government to bar staff and school buses which are not under the ZUPCO flagship from the road  has sparked debate on social media platforms. 
The development was announced by Bulawayo Provincial Police spokesperson Inspector Abedinico Ncube at a press conference at Ross Camp in Bulawayo, after police identified several illegally operating vehicles in defiance of Government’s imposed measures to curb Covid-19.
“As Police, we say there is no selective application of the law hence staff buses and vehicle ferrying school children not contracted  under ZUPCO are not allowed to operate,” he said.
In line with the World Health Organization guidelines to curb the virus, Government banned operations of private owned transporters who are not registered with ZUPCO early last year.
Several private players were skeptical of registering their vehicles under ZUPCO and ended up operating illegally.
However, passengers have expressing dissatisfaction by this move highlighting queues for ZUPCO busses were long and delayed them from getting to work and schools on time.
Below are some of the comments on Twitter on the issue.
George Chamisa wrote, “The bus we bought for our kids with our hefty levies now needs a ZUPCO logo?” 
“Are you guys certain that Engucheni is at the rightful institution?” 
Chenai Irene posted, “This is madness.”
“Contracted under ZUPCO to use my bus to ferry my employees and my clients (students). “What does ZUPCO have to do with private vehicles?”
Addmore Sibanda wrote, “This new law, how does a school bus get contracted to ZUPCO?”
Max posted, “What does that mean?” “Company buses ferrying their staff will not be allowed? 
“Enlighten me please.” 
Hungwe Shiri wrote, “In short no one will do business if they are not in bed with ZUPCO sorry I mean ZANU.”
Lindani commented, “What is left is to hear that no private car will be allowed to operate if it’s not contracted under ZUPCO”.
Some also viewed the move as political meant  sabotage the opposition from gathering their followers for campaigns towards the 2023 elections.
Razmos C Mhlanga wrote, “People are missing the point,the idea is to stop the opposition from hiring private transport to ferry supporters to the rallies come 2023”.
Others believe this was a political move to sabotage President Emerson Mnangagwa by making him lose respect and popularity.
Chrisy M wrote, “These People are now sabotaging ED; it happened towards Mugabe’s demise.”
“They want to foment chaos and anarchy”.
Robert Tapfumaneyi


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