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Killer T’s ‘Happy Birthday Message to Mnangagwa’ Angers Fans


By Tendai Mukaro

Zimdancehall Artist Kelvin ‘Killer T’ Kusikwenyu, has frustrated legion of his fans Thursday after posting a picture of him and the First Lady Auxilia Mnangagwa wishing her a Happy Birthday on his Facebook page.

“I just wanna say happy birthday kuna Amai, Mwari akuwedzerei makore akawandisa ekurarama,muchengetwe na Ishe, nhasi izuva renyu enjoy your birthday momz,” Kusikwenyu said.

Killer T’s message received much criticism from a lot of his fans as they accuse him of bootlicking both the First Family, Zanu PF and government for personal gains which they did not expect from their favourite artist.

“It’s very confusing to see a man who is loved by so many Zimbabweans across all age groups supporting the same people that have made our lives difficult,” Benson Munemo said.

“Zimbabwe is producing young generation of fools that’s why we are in serious problems for over 40 years now. There is no difference between these two eastern guys Mukudzei and Kusikwenyu,” Thompson Chimhanda posted.

Some of his fans threatened to unfollow him on social media as well as stop listening to his music, unless he asks forgiveness to his legion of fans.
“Ngatiranganei to unfollow kakomana aka unless akumbira ruregerero,” Ngoni Nyabadza said.

“Kubva nhasi mai vako ndovachateerera masongs ago, I’m deleting all your songs unofarisa” Lessie Mazuva.

Some emotional fans accuse Killer T of hypocrisy as they claim that he has never posted a picture of either his own biological mother, but has gone an extra mile to post a happy birthday message to the First Lady and even calls her mum.

“Amai vako wakambova poster here on her birthday or kutaura about her here on Facebook? Busy na mai vevamwe. That’s why wakubhuruwara,” Empress Trish Tsvayaz said.

Killer T has been reminded by some of his fans that, it was through their support that make artist great and they can also destroy artists by boycotting his music and shows.

” People made you, people can destroy you if they unite,” Mwarianesu Mafusire said.

However, some fans feel that in a democratic Zimbabwe Killer T has a right to love whoever he feels for.

“Democracy yema Zimbo is just dictatorship ku controller munhu zvaaida.Zimbabweans you have too much udzvanyiriri. Killer T has his rights ekufarira munhu waanoda,” Tapiwa Duro said.

Some also blame the band manager as they feel like this message was ok but on a wrong platform.

“Where is the band manager? allowing such gibberish to be posted on the artist’s business page, that’s not only irresponsible but suicidal,” Tinashe said.

Robert Tapfumaneyi