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It’s All A Plot To Usurp ED’ Temba Mliswa

Temba Mliswa
Temba Mliswa


The current Zanu PF primary elections have been an utter fiasco of manufactured winners and use of illegal parallel structures. At the centre of the mess is the Forever Associates of Zimbabwe (FAZ) led by Deputy Director of CIO Rtd Brigadier Tapfumaneyi.





FAZ has been pushing for former G40 members to be organically voted into the ZANU PF system through these elections. The ultimate output will be a body of MPs and Senators that are anti-ED. There is no transparency in the elections at all.





Tapfumaneyi previously approached many G40 members to come and join FAZ and some, like Kasukuwere, refused. However the agenda was not dropped. It has continued and can be seen through the sheer madness that is the current primaries.



At some polling stations people are being asked who they want and the name is written for them. KwanaMukupe in Hurungwe North vatikutonyorera vanhu. There is no privacy but people are being intimidated. Ask anyone on the ground, it’s a mess.





The agents for candidates are not being allowed inside. It’s a total mess. I previously warned people about FAZ and they didn’t listen.





The reason why Chamisa has remained confident about the 2023 elections is that he is working with FAZ which is run by the CIO. He doesn’t need to do much as FAZ is already strategising from within Zanu PF. FAZ must be kicked out and the elections be run by JOC.

The country’s security system should run these elections. Remember Tapfumaneyi was previously fired as he was G40 too. Now they have been concocting false reports. Who vetted these people? They should have been vetted independently not having the CIO to vet itself.


You have people like Frank Ndambakuwa, former MP for Magunje, who stole CDF money& was involved in a rape case. Yet he is there. You have another called Zimuto, from Hurungwe West who had a rape case before again. What vetting was done! All these guys are anti-ED.


It’s all a plot to usurp ED. The known party structures have been disregarded and FAZ is recognising its own forged structures. These elections should have been run by the police and other security players just like before. FAZ must be stopped!


Tapfumaneyi knows what is happening and I’m not scared. I know him as he worked with former Minister Didymus Mutasa. There is nothing I don’t know about him. It’s very unfortunate that the current DG of CIO Moyo is very professional but is being undermined by Tapfumaneyi





Tapfumaneyi uses war credentials for his nefarious works. Now he is working like the DG. The people’s vote should be respected. FAZ isn’t an independent body to preside over these elections. If allowed to pass it will result in the biggest bhora musango.

Robert Tapfumaneyi