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“I Will Intensify The Fight Against Illegal Immigration,” Gayton McKenzie Former South African Convicted Criminal, Bank Robber, Gangster

Gayton McKenzie


Gayton McKenzie

“I will intensify the fight against illegal immigration,” Gayton McKenzie Former South African Convicted Criminal, Bank Robber, Gangster



Gayton McKenzie is a former South African convicted criminal, bank robber, gangster, businessman, motivational speaker, author, and president of the Patriotic Alliance political party.



“They can call us criminals, yes we did commit crimes 3 decades ago, we went to jail, we paid for our crimes, we share our riches because we know what it is not to have, we gave 17000 food parcels during lockdown. Salute”



“I will intensify the fight against illegal immigration, I will never chance my stance. The Central Karoo will lead the fight against illegal immigration. I am happy to hear that some are already packing up. I will deliver for the people; I will change the face of the Central Karoo”



“I will donate 100% of my salary, I don’t want Mayorol cars, it should be sold and ambulances bought, I came with my own bodyguards paid by me, the police should go do police work. I will never claim a cent in petrol or flights. The taxpayer looked after me in jail, I am free now.”



McKenzie used his story of shifting from a life of crime during the apartheid years in South Africa to attaining success as a businessman as the basis for his popular motivational talks. He travelled to many schools in South Africa during his early years as a speaker, sponsored by a security company.



Many of his books have been bestsellers in South Africa, starting with The Choice: The Gayton McKenzie Story. Other books include A Hustler’s Bible, The Uncomfortable Truth, Trapped, and a follow-up to A Hustler’s Bible, The New Testament.


He has gone on to work as a consultant in the mining industry and today runs a diversified business with interests in restaurants and events venues, logistics and transport, imports, mining, energy, virtual reality, entertainment and events, publishing and farming.


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