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I Was Dumped By My 12 Girlfriends And 2 Wives Because Of My Small Manhood

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12 GIRLFRIENDS and 12 failed relationships. Two marriages, two divorces and one separation.
Not a great track record for a 34-year-old man – and it’s all because of the same thing.


The man from Qwaqwa, Free State claims that his small penis is the reason all the women have ever been in his left have left him.


He said it was in 2011 when he realised he had a problem when his first wife kept complaining that his manhood was too small.
He said before intercourse his wife would play with it hoping to make the erection bigger, but that made no difference.


“After three months in our marriage she packed her clothes and left. She told me in a letter why she was leaving,” she said.



“I was heart broken and ashamed that as a man I couldn’t satisfy my wife.”
Six month later the poor guy found a girlfriend but she left him for the same reason.


He said with his second marriage it was even worse.
“When we started dating we tried to seek help. We went to a sangoma who gave me muthi, but that didn’t work,” he said.


“One night after just two minutes on top of her she told me to get off. She got dressed, packed her bags and walked out.”
He said he didn’t date for a year when he met a 27-year-old woman who became his third wife.



This time they did everything they could to help him. They even went to Lesotho to see a sangoma, but it was in vain.
“She ended up leaving because she couldn’t take it any more. We separated in June last year and I’m hoping that I will find help so that I can go back to her,” he said.


The desperate man said the issue with his manhood has affected him badly that he suspects he’s suffering from depression.
“I have become the laughing stock of ekasi because everybody knows about my problem,” he said.




“I need help so that I can feel like a man. I’m willing to do anything to fix this.”
His estranged wife said she loved him but she couldn’t handle his small manhood.




“I tried to stand by him but it’s too much now. I want him to get help so we can try again,” she said.
Dr Malcolm Mpanga from Men’s Clinic South Africa said they could help the man. He said it would be pills or surgery, but he would need to be checked first.




“I would advise him to go to one of our clinics. We have a branch in Bloemfontein where they will assess him and see what kind of treatment he needs,” he said.
Traditional healer Gogo Solly Mathebula said there were herbs that could help him.




However, he said but those herbs would need to be monitored so that they wouldn’t be misused and the manhood ended up getting even bigger than the normal size.
“Not every sangoma can do this. So when he goes to consult he must pay them until he sees result. The results can be seen after 20 to 30 days,” he said.



Mathebula also volunteered to help the man for free until he sees results


Robert Tapfumaneyi