‘I Did Not Cheat: Prophet T Freddy


By Tendai Mukaro

Goodness and Mercy Ministries founder Prophet T Freddy has disputed claims he cheated during an examination and said he would sue ZimMorning Post for publishing falsehoods.

In an article carried by ZimMorning Post, the man of the cloth was said to have been caught cheating during an examination.

“I would like to dismiss the story because it is false,” said Prophet Freddy in a statement.

“It never happened, I am not studying Theology, I am doing Sociology and Gender and Development Studies.”
Prophet Freddy said the reporter had not contacted him for a comment before publishing the story.

“I just heard my secretary saying there is a journalist who called and She asked him to send his questions on email which he never did because when she told me I checked my emails but there was nothing,” said Prophet Freddy.

“Nigel has my personal WhatsApp number, my personal phone number uses for phone calls, and my secretary’s personal numbers, he also knows my workplace so I wonder why he had to call the church for a personal matter.

“We are ready to take this issue to court and I am not after money as God has blessed me with the little money that

I have therefore I will donate that money to charity,” ,”added Freddy.

Prophet Freddy said the story was malicious.

“I think the agenda behind this story was to destroy the church that’s why in most parts of this story he talked about negative aspects,” he said.

“He (Pfunde) talked about spiritual spectacles, about the church structure that was destroyed but he never mentioned the new church stand we were given.

“I think it is a personal matter, Nigel is not a stranger to me.

“He called me last time towards examinations again with a very negative story which he wanted to publish and I had to drive to his offices and explain that I had actually helped a certain family to purchase a stand,”.

“I had actually blocked Nigel at some point because I don’t want someone who calls me as if he needs bribery from me.”

Prophet Freddy said he was demanding an equally trending retraction and is not moved if there is no retraction as he is ready to take the matter to court.

Robert Tapfumaneyi


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