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“I Assist In Bringing Back Stolen Goods’: Sekuru Kanengo



By Elizabeth Nyaguyo


A Harare based traditional healer Sekuru Kanengo has made headlines by helping people recover their stolen goods

Kanengo has also become popular by curing different ailments using herbs


In an interview with Sly Media TV, Sekuru Kanengo said he cures people using herbs.


“I am different from other herbalist who give people goblins but I use natural herbs,” he said.



He also said that even church leaders are coming to get herbs that grows their membership giving them herbs known as ‘chaunga’.


” Most of the prophets and church leaders are coming here to take herbs to lure people into their churches as well as to cure diseases,” he said.


Sekuru Kanengo said that there is nothing hard for him to do he can provide help where it is needed.

“I can bring back lost love together using one of my herb ‘Mudiwadiwa’, l can also restore broken virginity to those who are re-marrying and want to cheat their beloved into matrimonial.”

“Back to sender, I am good at that one as well.


Sekuru Kanengo said that he is good at dealing with thieves as he uses a tube the bigger the tube becomes the bigger the stomach grows.


“For thieves I use a tube the moment I receive a complaint I can add pump pressure into my tube the bigger, it goes the bigger the stomach grows.



“Thieves are coming here to pay for the stolen items as long as they admit to the crime, I can release air from my tube and that person will be freed, “he said.



Sekuru Kanengo added that, he usually uses a white cloth for those who needs to see where their problems are coming from.



“For those who want to see the root of their problems I use a white cloth so that one can see where problems are coming from,” he said.



He also that he can do many things but there are some things that he cannot do.



“I can cure all types of cancer but I cannot cure blood cancer that one I cannot.



” I cannot help drug addicts especially these youths in drugs all they want is to be send to jail,” he said.



He said his clients are happy with the help they are getting from him and appreciations are coming.



” People that I am helping here they are appreciating my works as you see this house and a car came from one of my clients I helped two months ago,” he said .


Robert Tapfumaneyi