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Help! My Wife Does Not Want Me To See Her Naked


We have make love hidden in the blankets all the time


I have a serious problem with my relationship that I would like to relate. I told my wife that we should get counseling about it, but she said that it would leave her feeling ashamed.


To make a very long confusing story short, My wife and I are both Christians, and we have been married for six months. She was a virgin when we met.



I used to hear that some Christian women hide their vagina from their men, but I did not know that my wife was like that.


I talked to her about it, but she hasn’t changed. I once tried to go into the bathroom while she was having a shower, and she cried out for rape.


I did not even touch her. Whenever she goes to the bathroom she always came out fully clothed. When I tried playing with her in bed, she wants everything to happen under the sheets.


When I walk in naked she covers her eyes, I love her but if this continues I don’t think this marriage will last.


What do you think is wrong with this woman? If you had a similar experience please tell me what you think.


Robert Tapfumaneyi