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Love & Scandals

Harare Poly Student Suspended For Hugging


By Zandile Tandi

A Harare Polytechnic student Yolanda Musithu was suspended on March 22 for violating Covid-19 regulations after hugging another student.

In a statement, Harare Polytechnic principal, Engineer Tafadzwa Mudondo said, “You Yolanda Musithu C a student at Harare Polytechnic doing National Diploma in Office Management violated WHO, Government and Harare Polytechnic Covid-19 regulations.

“You were caught by the principal on 22 March 2021 hugging Blessing Pasipanodya an NC DDT student.

“This was indirect violation of WHO, Government and institutional standing Covid-19 regulations.”

Eng Madondo said the institution had conducted health education on Covid-19.

“The institution conducted health education on Covid-19 through posters on notice board at entrance but you opted to ignore the regulations,” he said.

“According to SI 81 of 1999 chapter 28:02 (7) (1) the principal may permanently or temporarily exclude remove or expel any student from the premises of teachers college or technical or vocational institution if in the opinion of the principal.”


ARTUZ is deeply concerned about the suspension of Yolanda Musithu for allegedly being caught by the Harare Polytechnic Principal hugging a Blessing Pasipanodya.

This signifies not just insanity but a level of grand stupidity and lack of purpose by the responsible authority, whilst biding by the regulations of Covid19 of social distance it is a flabbergasting moment when a whole institution of higher learning which is supposed to be and represent academic and intellectual thought direction starts reflecting a new level of autocracy.

Suspending a student and in the process disturbing their academic progress for hugging someone is a reflection of a society that is slowly degenerating into a chaotic and senseless formation, the Principal of Harare Polytechnic should be called to order and be persuaded to realize that he is neither a demigod nor a supreme ruler.

This attitude displayed by the principal is a microcosm of the macrocosm behaviour and attitude in the Zimbabwean Education sector by high ranking government officials who believe they are untouchable and supreme elements who can be ultra vires the norms and legal parameters.

ARTUZ wishes to state that the Union will not stand by and watch as such a disturbing experience unfolds, this suspension needs to be reserved and accompanied with anapology towards Yolanda Musithu.

The right to Education should never be compromised through a pathetic justification. ARTUZ is giving the institution of Harare Polytechnic 48 hours to reverse such a draconian pronouncement failure to do so will see the Union seeking legal and constitutional remedies and the Union will descend upon the institution

Robert Tapfumaneyi