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Gwanda Woman Murders Husband: Plead For Forgiveness


By Jabulani Khumalo

Geraldine Nyoni from Gwanda was arrested in Beitbridge when she was found guilty of murdering her husband after stabbing him with a knife on his throat after a fight broke out between them.



She said that her husband came from work moody answering her every question in a very rude way before they started fighting.



“My husband woke up early to go to work at around 6:00am and at that time everything was ok, he was in a good mood. “I accompanied him to work that morning then on my way back I bought bread and called him afterwards when I got home, and we where communicating nicely that time,” she said.



“Then later on around 6 pm I called him reminding him to buy relish then he rudely answered me to go and buy were I always buy, I went out and bought it my self, then later on when he came back home he was moody and answering me rudely, which got me confused but I didn’t ask what was going on that time.” she further explained that her husband and his friends mercilessly beat her up.”



“Later that night around 7:30 his friends came over and amongst them was one whom I thought was his younger brother at that time, in which he was just a close friend, he came and started shouting where I was calling me names threatening to beat me up (hure renyu riririya nhasi toda kururova).”



“At the time I came out side trying to talk to on of my husband’s friends, to whom I address as ( babamunini ) I told him to come inside so that we can talk, then he slapped me throwing insult at that time.”



She also explained that all this was happening whilst her husband was standing, and watching whilst he took their child, claiming the he doesn’t want blood to spill on the child.



“At that time his friends went back to their car so I confronted my husband trying to get answers asking him what I had done wrong, but he went into the house brought his belt and started hitting me with it, in which I grab the belt on his second attempt.,” Nyoni said.




“He started accusing me of trying to be the men around the house which mad him feel disrespected so he slapped me, at that moment that’s when we started fighting.”



She said they fought for at list 15 to 20 minutes whilst his husband’s friends were not aware because they where in the car which was a distant away form the house.



“He slapped me then I faced down whilst he was standing looking down on me, I managed to kick him between his legs so when he faced down to moran his pain, I quickly grabbed a knife which was on the pushing tray close by the door, then I stabbed him on his neck.” she said.



“He let out a loud cry (Manyoni wandikwadza) because of anger I ignored his cries and stood there looking at him, his friends could not hear anything or see anything because the car was parked in a distant form the house,” she said.



“One next door neighbor noticed the situation and started shouting out to people, that is when I removed the knife from his neck and ran away, heading to the police station.”



She said that her husband was later taken to the hospital around 9pm and pronounced died around 12pm.
She continues to say that she was arrested and her case was taken to court in Bulawayo, she was given state lawyers to her defense, who help her and the court gave her 15 years in prison in 2018 and she was transferred to Chikurubi Maximum till date.


Robert Tapfumaneyi