Govt Neglecting War Vets: Muzorewa

By Tendai Mukaro
United African National Council (UANC) president Reverend Gwinyai Muzorewa has accused  Government for abandoning and neglecting the welfare of war veterans who fought for the country’s liberation.
In a statement, Rev Muzorewa promised to  correct this if he was voted into office in 2023 as his party was dedicated to address the needs of the war veterans.
“The UANC observes that many war vets have been seriously neglected by this government,” read the statement.
“The alternative government will commit itself to addressing their needs because we care. “This is a serious concern for us.”
Muzorewa criticised Government for the 99-year leases as well as the concept of Council owned houses arguing it made Zimbabweans permanent tenants.
Rev Muzorewa said his party would ensure people were given title deeds for their houses .
He highlighted his party’s proven record of empowering citizens through giving them land ownership as it gave  houses to citizens between 1979-1980 when it was in power.
“The UANC is appealing to all youths, to change from the 40 years of being deceived, to new leadership which has never failed them,” he said.
“Some of your parents live in houses which they were given through the UANC government  before you were born.
“Now it’s time for you to demand the title deeds for your homes.
“This is wealth creation and property ownership”.
Rev Muzorewa accused  Government for abusing  power through misusing land  by using it to bribe youths in exchange of votes which he condemned.
He said land was supposed to be given freely to citizens.
He promised to create jobs for youths as well as empower SMEs.
UANC was founded by Bishop Abel Muzorewa and it was the ruling Party between1979-1980 when Muzorewa was the Prime minister.
Robert Tapfumaneyi

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