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Crime & Courts

Girl Demands Her Virginity From Ex-Boyfriend


By Elizabeth Nyaguyo



A 21-year-old Shamva girl Tinotenda Torongo has dragged her ex-boyfriend Obey Chapanda (22) to chief Bushu’s traditional court following an altercation as she demanded her virginity back.






Traditionally,People believed that it was not proper to marry a girl who has been deflowered by another man.






In an interview with Sly Media,Torongo told the court that all she wanted was her virginity that Chapanda took at the back of a Honda fit.





“The reason why I am here is for this boy to restore my virginity since he has vowed that he is no longer interested in marrying me.





He forced himself on me at the back of a Honda fit car before my parents instructed me to go and stay with him considering that he had taken my pride as a woman.






I was disappointed with the answer I received from his mother when I told her that his son Chapanda had taken away my virginity.Sadly she defended her son,”she said.





Chapanda denied the allegations that he had disvirgined Torongo so there was no reason for him to pay back Torongo.





“I am not going to pay her anything because I did not engage in any sexual activity with her as she is describing.




In my whole life I have never slept with a woman not talking of breaking a girl’s virginity because my manhood got affected when I was young,”he said.




The girl’s mother told the court that she was sure that Chapanda was the one who slept with her daughter despite the fact that he was denying their claims.




“I am sure this boy here is the one who slept with my daughter because I was the one who escorted my daughter to his place but his mother told us that his son was not able to deflower any girl since his manhood is no longer working.




I have some doubts that he is still a virgin because he impregnated one girl from this village but he denied the pregnancy saying that he cannot in-pregnant anyone since his manhood got affected by an electric shock during his childhood,”she added.




In giving his verdict,Chief Bushu told the girl’s mother that the boy has been found clean from the allegations but he instructed the boy to just pay a fine of a cattle to the girl’s mother as per traditional.


Robert Tapfumaneyi