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“General Chiwenga Whom I Can’t Wait To Become The Next President” Mukupe


By Terence Mukupe


My mentor, General XX, has asked me to stay off social media and to stop commenting on political things but I’m sorry I just couldn’t help it on this one…


Our politics in Zimbabwe needs to mature…

I as Terence Mukupe believe that our politics in Zimbabwe needs to mature if we are to get anywhere as a country… I’m happy that my significant military friends do agree.



It’s a well-known fact that I don’t like Tendai Biti as a person, our kids where at the same school and we’d be at the same school events and would not even greet each other…


It’s a fact that Tendai Biti’s right hand man Jacob Mafume has been my child hood friend and if I was to die today, he probably would be there running around at my funeral taking charge of events… likewise I have a very cordial relationship with Chamisa …



I have no problem with what the MDC purports they want to do for our country as long as it advances the well-being of our people



The same scenario above is true even within my own Party Zanu PF, there are people in my party I will not even greet and who likewise are sickened by my mere presence… and there are those that have true brotherly love for me…



I also strongly believe in what is enshrined in the constitution of Zanu PF and the advancement of the original principles of our party… pasi nevanoda kuita Zimbabwe a private company yekungo mora!!



The problem we have in our country is that of intolerance. We have an opposition that has become a master at agitation propaganda … such-as the abductions, job Sikhala having sadza nemazai in the bush lol…and wanting power at all costs even if it means the ordinary person suffers.



On our part as Zanu PF I strongly believe we can do more in accommodating those in the opposition in advancement of the national agenda… truly and sincerely open up the zbc radio and tv… we can’t have the same three people dominating news everyday…


The recent inauguration of HH in Zambia gave me pause. I’ve had the chance of interacting with HH once before and he definitely is a very sharp gentleman and whom I believe will give it his all to build on the good work done by my Sekuru Lungu.



I know my friends from the KK family such as Duncan and Lekela Kaunda are elated with the election results.



Forget the Famba Dougie Famba craze… It’s a fact that the two most important people politically at the moment in the eyes of the ordinary person are my President ED and Advocate Chamisa.


I know first-hand behind the public grandstanding, generally the two-gentleman respect each other even as they differ fundamentally politically.



Their differences are ideological and not on a personal level… Chamisa when we have engaged, speaks glowingly of my President and more so on my favourite and very capable General Chiwenga whom I can’t wait to become the next President!!!



Some history lesson for you



When Jomo Kenyatta died in 1978, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, his first Vice-President, with whom they had fallen out politically, attended the lying-in-state of the body at State House, Nairobi, and wept too after saying a prayer in Dholuo.



After the dirge, he told the media he had no fundamental differences with Kenyatta. Fast forward both fathers are dead and the sons have taken center stage.



In both official and personal interactions, President Uhuru Kenyatta and NASA leader Raila Odinga address each other as “ndugu” (brother). Raila at times officiates at functions on behalf of the President!!!



The Botswana President often has the leader of the opposition accompanying him… as he did at HH’s inauguration.



What Zimbabwe needs is generational consensus. VaMugabe and Tsvangirai are our Jomo Kenyatta and Jaramogi Oginga Odinga combo… we have turned a new leaf with the second republic… let’s be more accommodative off each other…



The toxic agitation propaganda isn’t getting us anywhere… I just want a better Zimbabwe for my children. It pains me that the bulk of us politicians have our kids in developed countries enjoying their best lives and yet here in Zim we engage in politics of self-hate…



At some point something has to give and generational consensus has to carry the day!!!


Signed Off
Terence Mukupe
Cell Member
Kaware Branch
Chibara District
Zanu PF Hurungwe North


Robert Tapfumaneyi