Freedom Of Expression Comes With Responsibly: Sports Minister Coventry


By Elizabeth Nyaguyo


Sports Minister Kirsty Coventry said freedom of expression should come with responsibilities.



The Minister said this during workshop attended artist from various parts of the country which was held under the theme ‘Artistic Freedom and Decent Work’, held at a local hotel recently



The workshop was sponsored by International Labour Organization (ILO), Nhimbe Trust and UNESCO under the theme ‘Artistic Freedom and Decent Work’ ,



“Freedom of expression cannot come alone but it come with responsibilities,” she told the artist.



“Artists should challenge the Government through the artwork in a realistic way because everyone has the right to artistic freedom as well as to express feelings be it bad or good.”



” I feel that it’s everyone’s right to feel safe and be able to express ideas and thoughts freely and it’s our responsibility as the government to create free space for artists.”


“Artists are important because they give feedback on things that people do not want to talk about especially those things that are against our culture like child marriages among others.”



Artists from the creative sector who attended the workshop said the information they gained has given confidence to work better



“Personally, I feel my artistic freedom was intact but the workshop was helped me realise just how much freedom I had in the first place,” said artist King Bil (stage name).



“I have power to conceptualise, create and exhibit my art within the new frameworks of the 2nd republic.



“The participation of high-level government officials gave me the confidence that there is potential for policy change that will promote and safeguard artistic freedom.”



“As an artist I feel honoured because before I was invited my artistic freedom was limited but now that I have met with prominent people in the Arts sector and they assured us that they are in the process to end persecution and harassments in artists so that we exercise our freedom through art,” Marlon Chouviri said.



“I really benefited from this workshop because all my fears just vanished because I was harassed before but now, we have some people who really care about us on winning back our artistic freedom,” Munyaradzi Chirenje said.



Robert Tapfumaneyi