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Four Types Of Divorce


Four Types Of Divorces

Melinda Gates: “We continue to have a shared belief and work together”.

Noma Gigaba: “He stole government money to fund our wedding, his friends are thieves too. He is a puppet of the Guptas!”

Susan Mutami: “He wanted to kill Mnangagwa’s son, he went around Zimbabwe killing chickens at his shrines. Let him dare me, l will expose him. He used to ask me to put my palm in his back while having sex.”

Mai Titi: “Ngaangoti nyooo. Ndomuwaridza panze apa. Kumuyanika. Ma 2 minutes noodles. Anekadora. Ndoisa ma nudes ake izvezvi pano. Muudzei kwaari ikoko kuti ndamupa 48 hours. Ndonzi murandakadzi ini.”

Hopewell Chin’ono Threatened With A US$50 000 Lawsuit


Robert Tapfumaneyi


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