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For As long As Mourners Are Allowed To Gather To Mourn The Death Of a Loved One So Shall Teachers Gather To Protest and Mourn The Death Of Their Beloved Profession




The Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (ARTUZ) vows to dismiss and defy attempts to trivialize and ridicule the teaching profession through closing all democratic space in the public service for workers to register their displeasure about the conditions of employment such as proper remuneration all under the pretext of enforcing Covid19 precautionary measures.


ARTUZ is perfectly aware and conscious about the devastating effects on a global level of the Corona Virus and the Union remains dedicated to ensuring that the pandemic is completely wiped off our society and we return to normal as soon as possible but within the very same framework we shall not allow the government to use the pandemic to stop any dissenting and reasoning voice to air out their issues because for far too long we have gone beyond the definitions of a normal society before the Covid19 pandemic came.


For as long as mourners are allowed to gather to mourn the death of a loved one so shall teachers gather to protest and mourn the death of their beloved profession, it is not a secret that teachers are dying from poverty, hunger, depression and their state of mind has been compromised by the treatment they are getting from their employer.


All avenues of dialogue have failed to achieve any meaningful results and teachers have vowed and pledged to protest against this diabolic regime who have failed to heed their simple demands of the restoration of a dignified salary and improved conditions in the workplace which encompasses better and improved quality of education.


The Union will continue with the various online campaigns such as the #SaveOurEducationZw campaign, the #545 campaign, #burnthefraud campaign and in the coming weeks ARTUZ members will be burning the fraud pay slips right at Mthuli Ncube’s offices so that they see the fraud as it stands and any attempts to persecute and further oppress the teachers will only be met by solid resistance from a peace loving community of teachers who will defend the integrity of the teaching profession and education sector with pride.

Robert Tapfumaneyi