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Food Stuffs, Transport Allowance For HIV Patients, AHF Zimbabwe Hailed



By Elizabeth Nyaguyo



Patients and health personals at Sally Mugabe Hospital hailed the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AFH)Zimbabwe for its humanitarian services that the organisation is providing at the hospital for both the patients and the development of the hospital.








Speaking to the media during tour Thursday at the institution organized by National AIDS Council (NAC) patients who refused to be identified spoke highly about the good work that is being done by AFH when it comes to the welfare of patients.






“I am very happy with the work that AFH is carrying out especially when it comes to us as HIV patients they are giving us transport allowance even though the allowance will be given those who come frequently for check-ups.





“Personally, I haven’t received the food stuffs yet or these transport allowances but for those who received these things I am convinced that one day they will also reach a point of giving everyone.






“I have a friend of mine who is also HIV she has been given some food stuffs but unfortunately she transferred,”said the patient.




Doctor Steady Matokwe who is supported by AHF who works at Sally Mugabe Central Hospital Opportunistic Infections (OI) clinic said that there were standards they were using when distributing the food stuffs and transport allowance to HIV patients.






“In terms of the criteria that we use in food distribution we have a screening tool which we use to check their weight and how vulnerable are they.






“There is a tool that we use to screen, if you score a certain score, we will see that you are vulnerable and we will allocate you the food stuff,” he said.





He said that this the humanitarian services that AHF has been offering started during the COVID 19.




“This started after the COVID period and we then realized that during the lockdown patients were struggling some were not going to work and they were not taking their drugs because they were saying that they had no food to eat before taking their medicines.





“So that is when we started this food distribution programme to help patients starting 2020,2021 up to now.




“Currently we have exhausted all the food stocks,” he said.




Matokwe said the rough figure of the beneficiaries who are being assisted under this humanitarian services are close to 400.




“In terms of the rough figure the first allocation that we had it should be between 380 to 400 beneficiaries.




“So those are some of the beneficiaries who benefited from the food distribution.




He added that, food distribution is done in batches.



“What we do is we give them in two batches because they are given the first three months and they will receive the second batch after three months again to make it six months,” said Matokwe.





Apart from distributing food stuffs and transport allowance AHF Zimbabwe has been building centres of excellence within bigger hospitals.


AFH is an International Humanitarian Organisation operating in Zimbabwe.

Robert Tapfumaneyi